Sara Bobkoff

Success Coaching &
Story Alchemy

You hold
the pen, love.

And I’ll coach
the success story
out of you.



You, lady, are no small business.

You’re doing the work of the Universe.
This ain’t just Mama’s little hobby.
Women are busy rebuilding the world.
Creatives, bringing the gifts.
Healers, reviving compassion.

Coaches, redefining Business Class.
Empresses, dissolving ceilings.

You see, your voice is the new economy.
Your words aren’t junk. They’re jewels.
Your message, enriching.
Your journey, epic.

And your success story? Alchemy.


Who is this lady?

I’m Sara Bobkoff.

And I am little lady on a big mission.

I want clever, compassionate women changing the world – through the power of their own success.

So I call on Story Alchemy & Success Coaching to make that happen.

As a writer, storyteller and trained transformational coach,
I weave together DNA, voice, message, and narrative
to inspire, shift, transform and manifest
your mind into matter.

Vision into life.

Magic into realism.

And story into success.

“…From my point of view,
which is that of a storyteller,

I see your life as already artful,
waiting, just waiting and ready
for you to make it art.

-Toni Morrison

Linda’s Story.

Sara put my dreams into words.

When I started working with Sara,
My natural skin care business didn’t even have a name.
I just had a dream.

I hardly knew her, but I already loved her way with words,
how she connected with women, her vision.

From my first session with Sara, she went straight to my dream.
She had me thinking not only with my mind, but with my heart.
From there it was so easy to design my company, with love and passion.

And then we came up with my name,
which I love so much, it resonates with my customers,
because it really is me.

From there developing my webshop, my products was so natural…
and now business in full in swing and going really well.

LoveLi has even won the Marie Claire Starter’s Awards
for women entrepreneurs!

I am convinced I won because of the story behind my company
— the story that Sara and I put into words, together.

It was an amazing collaboration and I am so happy with the results.

Work with Sara — so you can put your dreams into words, too.

Linda Bot

Natural Skin Care + Marie Claire Starter Award Winner ,

Work with me, honey.

The Sistermind™

A band of sisters
on a heroine’s journey

of vision & values
compassion & cleverness
purpose & profit

as we step into leadership

Write your own success story.

Your mind is still in a suit.
But your soul has other ideas.

Time to embark on your Superwoman’s Journey™
& become a fierce leader
of a new, feminine economy.

Our Universe depends on it.

Story Alignment VIP Intensive

Shift is hitting the fan.

You are being called to step up
when all you want to do is
curl up.

Time to re-align.

To that story
written on your spine.

3 Weeks to Clients

You do not need a “finished website”
to start bringing in clients.

This Pay as You Wish eCourse
will get you over your fears,
speaking up,
taking action,
serving AND earning.

In just 3 weeks.

3 Weeks to Clients

I'm ready.

Story Alchemy

A heroine
makes honoring her About
her real business.

Give your story a head start
with this group experience
for starters.

New Stuff

About to re-brand? Align your story instead.

On your gazillionth re-write? Borrowing other people’s copy, soundbites and even business models? Un-brand. Re-align your story instead. And make your truth the path to your own, powerful, success-story effect.

read more

Are you ready?

…to call out to the Universe in your truest voice?

…to write a magical message?

…and author your own success?

Because I’m ready to do more than just coaching.

I’m ready to invoke your story alchemy.

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