Workshop 1
Little businesses, mompreneurs and coaches

Stop hiding behind vague website copy, hanging around that spam folder with generic wording, and missing out on ideal clients with your misdirected messages.

There is a collection of People out there just waiting for You and what Your Little Business has to offer. Because what you have to offer is Big. Because it suits them perfectly.

Your brand has a voice. We’re gonna find it.
This workshop will lay the foundation for your Tone of Voice – a unique, authentic language you use to communicate directly to your key clients through your website, newsletters, brochures, online channels and more.

Who: Little Businesses, Mompreneurs & Coaches*
Sunday, October 19th; 13:00 – 15:30 (snacks, drinks and materials included)
Where: Jam Workspace
Price: €125 (excl VAT) per person, €100 (excl VAT) for early birds – all participants receive special offers and discounts on other Little Big Mouth programs.

Entrepreneurs registered in NL and filing VAT returns can claim back the 21% VAT for this workshop, and deduct the remaining costs as a business expense.

The price includes:
+ A 2.5 hour workshop (including two 15 minutes breaks.
+ Coffee, tea, drinks and snacks.
+ Your specially designed, Little Big Mouth Tone of Voice workbook.
+ Discounts on 1:1 progammes.


Even more exciting, workshop participants will be getting a suprise deal (well, not so much a surprise now) at the end of the workshop when they sign up to work with me through one of my 1-on-1 programmes.

Lastly, I will donate 5% of all proceeds to The Malala Fund – an organisation that works to break the cycle of poverty by empowering girls through education. An organisation that is amplifying girl’s voices in the global community. An organisation named for a brave little girl with a beautiful, powerful, glorious little big mouth.

*Get on this now…There is only enough space for 12 participants and the early bird discount runs out on Monday!

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