I hate that headline up there.

I really do.

Not because of the message. Because of the formulation.

It has been formulated purely with Google search and click-through-rates in mind and not with me or you in mind.

I am am a content marketer by trade. Which means I am all about content.

Content, lovely. Depth. Meaning. Messages. Connections.

I ain’t about instant gratification.

Google SEO garbage

Google SEO Garbage. This is the goal of your message? Really?

Which means I am a content marketer who hates content marketing.

I hate content marketing as we know it today.

Because we as little businesses, mompreneurs and coaches have something big to say and we have a right to say it profoundly, in our own little big way.

Because content marketing tricks like SEO crush our little voices and take them away from us. (SEO = search engine optimalisation, which means that you write your content with words that will make it show up higher on the search results on Google or Yahoo, etc.)

It is time for content marketing to evolve. It needs to bring us back to words and messages.

I want to help it evolve into something that is more about communicating authentically and making long-term connections rather than simply quick wins and quick bucks.

You need to learn those rules so you can make a little use of them – and then break them like a ninja queen.

People often turn to me for advice on how to market their brands online. You are probably hoping for such advice yourself.

That’s cool. It is a good thing to know.

Yes, I could give you a lot of marketing tips and they are very valuable, but you know what?

All my experience with content marketing strategy and tools has taught me three things:

  1. Don’t get caught up in them.
  2. Do not give them more weight than they deserve.
  3. Do NOT let them turn you and your brand into something you never intended to be.

It is the difference between being a flash-in-the-pan that burns out quickly and the real game changer you are meant to be… someone serving her life’s Purpose through her work.

I have a real aversion to SEO coversion and Google searches.

I HATE them. With a passion. They loose all authenticity, personality, personalisation, feeling, all connection to the reader.

When you do a search, you are getting a result based more and more on tricks and not necessarily on what you really are looking for or need.

Yes, the ‘5 Reasons Why You Need an Authentic Tone of Voice’ post will get more CTRs (click through rates, meaning more people will click on the link when they come across it on Google searches or on a Facebook post, etc).

And once in a while it does not hurt to put one of those up.

But NOTHING should be done at the cost of a good authentic Tone of Voice.

If you are aiming for quickies – hey do it. You probably should be on another screaming website at this point.

I will miss you, I enjoyed your time here, but you may be looking for the promises of fast bling bling from this guy or want to spend thousands on personal coaching with this gal. (You are welcome for the free link shares, David and Amanda.)

little big mouth voicesIf you are like me and your work is DRIVEN by your values, mission, vision and Purpose then Stop. Right. Now.

Define them. All of them. Get them down. Keep them in front of you to remind you while you are on this journey.

Because at some point you are not only going to lose the plot, you will lose your authenticity, your values, your mission, your vision and – most of all – your connections.

You are going to be seduced by the promise of quick bucks for big buck investments, or the promise of Facebook Page Like Quickies and Google One Night Stands if you focus only on marketing tricks.

You see, we the human race are in more need of connections right now than we have ever been. And that is where you need to concentrate. Because that is where you are going to thrive.

Instead of focusing on quick wins and quick money, focus on creating those connections.

Focus on using those content marketing tools to spark a connection – but have more faith in yourself.

Rely on yourself. Rely on your ability to nurture those connections because you have something unique to give to this world, to this universe we live in.

Take more time to build yourself up rather than wasting time listening to the quick-buck, fast-paced online marketing gurus who want to make you believe you should be aiming for something different.

You will have more life satisfaction, more work satisfaction, more of a sense of purpose, deeper connections, and you will feel more content and satisfied.

I am not saying we need to starve ourselves for the sake of our brand voices and not think about our profits. Of course we don’t.

But what we really need is the mindset that what we have to offer the world is worth success and worth abundance, but this should never get in the way of our authenticity, missions, visions and values.

It should be the result of them.

Now go out there with your little big voice and start making those connections today.

Go out there and change the game, my friend. Make authenticity the key to your success.

And if you are unsure of how to do that, I will be happy to guide you in finding and sharing your authentic voice through one of my YOU-centered programs.

Little big love,



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