Every day has a story…

I am a person who sees patterns, themes and stories in my daily life – which probably is why I have been a storyteller since before I could talk.

But it is also how I connect to the world around me, to our internal and external universe. I believe that our universe presents these patterns before us to guide us towards our Purpose and it is up to us to learn how to recognise them and hear what they are trying to tell us.

This past Saturday – the day I hosted my second Find Your Voice workshop as Little Big Mouth – was a day filled with a very clear theme: Messages.

A little big gesture

Green Smoothie Love My husband is an observer and a doer. He is a Physical Therapist  who connects and communicates to the world through movement and actions and while he is very capable of communicating verbally, often he says the most with his gestures.

I woke up Saturday morning with a full schedule ahead of me, including my workshop in the afternoon, and in the hustle and bustle of getting out the door I needed some sort of fuel to keep me going. And it is exactly in those rushy moments that we reach for just the opposite.

Well, he clearly knew this as well.

When I opened the fridge to grab what I could before I ran out the door, I was greeted by a delicious, yummy, healthy green smoothie filled with nutrients to nourish me during the morning and supply me with healthy energy.

It was a very clear and welcome message to me: I love you. Take care.

What a way to start my day!

The language of here & now

For the past two months, three lovely women and myself have been gathering in a beautiful little oasis of a Yoga space in Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer every Saturday morning. We have been dedicating those mornings to learning the art of being in the Here & Now. It is a Mindfulness training lead by the compassionate and wise Marjolein Beijst.

We have been given Marjolein’s own guided mediation recordings and weekly/daily exercises for incorporating this new way of being into our daily lives. Having her kind, cheerful and grounded voice guide us for the past 8 weeks has been a wonderful gift.

www.minden.nlAs you may know, I experienced a burn out in the beginning of the year. This training was part of my determination to learn from that experience and make sure it never happens again.

It has given me not only the tools to ground myself and gain more focus, but it has also taught me that it is human nature that our minds wander.

Instead of letting those thoughts lead me down a path of stress and worry (often those thoughts involve my continual ‘lists’ of things to do), I have learned to simply remark that they are there.

I can now take in their messages and in a kind and friendly way bring myself – without judgement –  back to the Here & Now. Gold.

Saturday was our last class. And at the very end of our very last mediation, Marjolein had a beautiful, insightful, personal wish for each of the four of us:

Happiness. Safety. Health. Inner peace.

It was a message – particularly that last one  – that will always stay with me.

Permission to dream big

From there it was on to my workshop.

This time I would be working with two Dutch women with two very different businesses – a super-strong massage therapist with a just as powerful gentle spirit and a digital communications strategist determined to bring her corporate clients truly closer to their customers.

3I was looking forward to this afternoon because with just these two women it was going to be a very intimate workshop – which would mean more time to get personal.

I was also nervous about the fact that they were both Dutch. There is a Dutch saying ‘Doe maar gewoon dan doe je gek genoeg’ – which means ‘Just act normal – that’s crazy enough’.

It stems from a private, modest culture that I have grown to love and appreciate for having a mindset that places value on simply enjoying the small, normal, common things we come across every day.

At the same time, one of my messages in this workshop is a little big one: ‘Give yourself permission to have a BIG vision about the work you do and the effect you would like it to have in the world.’

I tell the participants to let this vision guide their messages. Unapologetically. To realise that even with their little businesses, they are still entrepreneurs with BIG Purposes.

Thankfully, fresh out of mindfulness training, I acknowledged that nervousness and decided the answer lay in the women themselves. And boy, did it.

These two women were present, enthusiastic and inspired – writing away with an energy that also inspired me. It is amazing how the simple permission to dream big opens all of our doors to our authentic Purpose.

Little big words

Little big voiceThere is one person in this world that inspires me the most with her little big message.

One person who speaks in the most authentic voice I know, who dreams BIG without questioning it and who compels me to be my true authentic self – in what I strive to be, what I try to do, in my own vision and mission, and what I try to pass on to others.

And she is my daughter.

One of my favourite moments in my day is cuddling up with her at bedtime and listening to what the world taught her that day – and the messages she has for this world.

Saturday evening, she asked me to play a song her father (who is on some early 80’s rock music kick) has introduced her to.

I kind of smiled at the sentimentality of it all, but as we lay in the glow of her nightlight and listened to the words and felt the music, she was so happily in the Here & Now that I could only join her.

When it got to the crescendo of the chorus, she said: “Listen Mama, they DARE here. They DARE to sing big.”

Yes, she said that. With her own little big voice.

I do not make up these patterns, I simply notice them and write them down to give them truth.

And this is what my favourite little big mouth was referring to:

I was a poet, a magazine writer
Sent to report on political views
It was by chance through a lens that I met you
A Capetown girl with no shoes

You were runnin’ down the road
I was going your way
I stopped and turned around to lend you my hand
You smiled though you were suffering
I didn’t understand, then

You broke into my heart
I saw your eyes and then I knew
You broke into my heart
Like the wind and rain that followed you
You broke into my heart

What is the message here?

Yes, how funny that my daughter + a rock band from the eighties = my biggest message of the day.

Break into your heart. That is where you will find your message. That is where your authentic voice will dare to sing big. That is where the writing starts.

What message was the universe bringing to you today? Let us know in the comments below this post.

Little Big Love,




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