If there is one and only one thing at the foundation of Little Big Mouth, it is not about writing copy.

It is about embracing the core of who you are – and turning it into your heroine’s voice.

As little businesses, why is it so important that we connect our voices to our work, our stories to our purpose, our messages to our vision?

Because this is how we connect to the world – and this is how the world connects to us.

This is how we connect with our clients.

By being fully, authentically and unapologetically ourselves. 

We find harmony in our life and our work when we claim our narratives – even if others have told us another story.

So where should we first look when searching for our voices?

wear your voice boldlyYou need to look for your voice in the one place where others may seem to tell you otherwise. And then wear it, boldly.

Did you read that? Read it again.

The ‘others’ may be smaller than you make them – or bigger than you want them to be.

But the ‘others’ speak directly to our inner critic. To our blocks. Our limiting beliefs.

“You have to be perfect. Appear perfect. Do it perfectly.”

“You are not allowed to make mistakes.”

“You have no right to ask for more.”

“Don’t be so sensitive. Toughen up.”

“That’s just how the game is played, it is not your job to change it.”

“You’re just playing the victim.”

“You are not capable of making your own decisions and should just do things this way.”

“You have to be big and loud and flashy and hip and cool to show everyone how successful you are.”

“Your list isn’t big enough.”

“You are not a real business until you make a 10k in 10 days.”

“You are keeping yourself small by not asking your clients to go into debt in order to invest in themselves.”

“You are keeping yourself small by not maxing out your credit card/cashing out your 401k plan/taking out a second mortgage on your home to invest in yourself through me.”

“Your concerns are just a form of complaining that mirrors your own limiting beliefs and brings everyone else down with you.”

“You are not allowed to want it all.”


Your voice is your mind. Your voice speaks the language of your feelings. Your feelings are your guides.

And all of those phrases above hold that voice hostage. Every phrase is a strip of duck tape, stiffling that voice until it retreats.

Find your voiceIf it goes on long enough, you will either crack or it will free itself – and take you with it.

Leonard Cohen said ‘There is a crack, a crack in everything… that’s where the light gets in.’

Your heroine’s voice lies in the cracks where it has been silenced. Under the blocks, the limiting beliefs.

In your gut. Your intuition. Your woman’s sixth sense.

How my voice was freed

For example, the one main thing that led to me losing my job – motherhood – actually held the secret to finding my true purpose and creating the work I love to do around it.

Being a mother required that I listen to my intuition. It brought out my sensitivities, my compassion, my ability to nurture, my ability to manage my time, make quick decisions, follow my instincts, listen to my mind. Embrace my voice.

To this day, being a mother continues to be my biggest inspiration in my life and business. Mothering my daughter teaches me something new every day. And the lessons I continue to learn from her feeds into my business so naturally – and in turn, this enriches my life. It is a beautiful circle.

I look at my daughter and I see a girl who is 100% herself, who walks to her own rhythm, who claims her presence just by being happy living life as who she is.

It has inspired me to embrace my biggest purpose as her mother – that of showing her how to keep claiming her space and using her voice.

And to do that, I must to do this myself. I have no other choice.

This is what I bring to the table.

Aside from the strategic and technical value I offer my clients as a copy and message mentor and storytelling coach, the essence of what I bring to the table is that I know what it takes to get back to your core, unique voice  – and what happens when you proudly put it into the world as the foundation for your life’s work.

This requires you be your most authentic version of you. With all of your flaws, vulnerabilities and sensitivities as well as your unique abilities, gifts and strengths.

This means that your voice and message commands value because of your values, your mission, your vision.

That is how you attract those clients who identify with you. Essentially, this is how you turn your story into a thriving source of abundance. A true business.

The Monica Lewinsky Model

What is most personal is most universal. – Carl Rogers

Remember her? “That woman”?

The one who, fresh in her 20’s, made the mistake of a choosing to act on her feelings for her boss – who happened to be the President of the United States/husband to Hillary Clinton/father to Chelsea Clinton.

And, like Hesther Prynne, she had her voice completely ripped away from her, her narrative destroyed, her story maligned and her life nearly ruined forever?

Do you remember all of those interviews she gave, the articles about her side of the story, the way we got to hear about things from her perspective? How it helped us understand what was her responsibility, but also how she became a mistreated pawn in a bigger game?

No, of course not. All you ever heard from her was her answers while she was being put on trial and asked humiliating questions by old men in suits lavishing in all the gory and graphic details about her sexual encounters.

Well, not so long ago, Ms Lewinsky actually spoke out for the first time.

And she spoke in her most authentic, vulnerable, compelling, natural voice. We finally heard her story. And it is an inspiring one.

Her story is about vulnerability, not weakness.

And she has re-written that narrative to give it a powerful message about cyberbullying. It is worth watching to the very end.

Well done, Monica. Thank you. You are now officially no longer the tragic anti-hero. You are the protagonist.

Because you are human. Because you are flawed. And this is what has given you your Heroine’s voice.

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