Recently, with the enormous shift taking place in the world right now – and the many ugly truths rising to the surface about our current social, economic and political system – I realised I could no longer separate my business and the need to be an agent of change. 

I posted a Facebook Live Stream about my decision to merge my business with this desire to fully embody a business model that is social and entrepreneurial.

Here are the steps I have decided to take RIGHT NOW in order to move towards being that agent of change:

1. I have made my digital eCourse, 3 Weeks to Clients, PERMANENTLY “Pay as You Wish”.

Initially this PAYW decision was intended only for 3 days – but I have come to the conclusion that there are many women out there who simply must bring in funds to support themselves and have no resources to do so.

I want to make sure there there is always a quality, effective, high-value resource available to them so they can go out and start being the change in the world they are being called to be.

2. I will also be donating 50% of all full-investment proceeds from 3 Weeks to Clients to The Philadelphia Young Playwrights Organisation.

This amazing organisation goes into the schools of Philadelphia – a city is ridden with impoverished inner city schools and a disturbing racial economic divide – and teaches children how to write plays so they can put their voices center stage.

My life was changed at 16 when through this program, loner little me was given a voice.

I won 1st place, my play was performed at professional theaters and it eventually earned me a full scholarship to Sarah Lawrence College – one of the best writing schools in the US and one of the most expensive colleges in general.

If PYP could change my life, imagine what it can do for other children whose voices need to be heard? And imagine what putting those voices center stage can do for all of us?

3. I have decided to hone my services to incorporate supporting women as we shift into powerful feminine leadership – leadership that equally relies on the heart as it does on the mind.

I am now dedicated to providing programs at a range of investment to encourage and support women on this path where compassion and cleverness must merge to become a new leadership.

Why? Because I believe that the current global climate of xenophobia, racism, sexism, homophobia, hatred, environmental decay and an absurd economic divide can be healed when there is more feminine energy and female representation in leadership positions.

4. I am officially opening up my Get Enriched Quick Facebook group to having those hard conversations so we can all move forward.

I will do my best to facilitate this dialogue, and while I do not have the answers, I know that part of our healing is having those hard conversations, getting uncomfortable, listening and learning. And I am willing to go there.

Ok, so that is where I am right now with Little Big Mouth.

So tell me…

How will your business or your ambitions as a leader allow you to become an instrument of change?

Copy of How are you becoming an instrument of change-


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