There is new wave of leadership. And we are powerfully operating with compassionate, spiritual energy. So how do we raise our personal and universal impact during shocking events?

Our personal missions

In the land of the “solopreneur”, we invest much time, dedication and funds into our own personal growth so we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

We are deliberately putting our values and vision of a transformed world into the businesses we build.

And we believe that this elevates our high value. We are serving from a place of alignment – and this means that we will create and attract an energy of abundance.

By opening up to receive this energy in the form of money – by putting in the hands of the healers, the creators, the visionaries – we are creating more abundance in the world.

A big shift

We are moving the world from an old model based on scarcity, hierarchy, privilege and hoarded profit – and into one based on compassion, sustainability, innovation, collaboration and shared abundance.

We are influenced by Asian philosophies such as Buddhism and Hinduism.

We devotedly follow renowned coaches and mentors –Deepak Chopra, Danielle Laporte, Abraham Hicks, Lisa Nichols.

Many of us adopt rituals around the Law of Attraction in order to manifest our goals. We take part in meditation, yoga. Some of us turn to crystals, cards, reiki, and energetic and empathic healing.

We work very hard to focus on “raising our vibration” – which means that we are conscious that the energy we put into the world is the energy we put back. We remove what brings that vibration down. We continue to turn inward to call on ourselves to raise it up.

A different reality

And then the reality of the news of the world stands in front of our us. And being the compassionate and sensitive folk we are, and being on that journey to raise our vibrations and attract only abundance, we are confronted with a choice.

We return and retreat into our rituals, protect our energy, and send our healing vibes, thoughts and light.

Or we give it attention and allow the negativity to ask a lot from our sensitive spirits, and risk “lowering our vibration”.

I am one of these entrepreneurs facing such a choice.

I have no choice

…but to give the negative energy the attention

In my business, I work specifically with women bosses and leaders to help them become voices of a new, more feminine-inspired economy.

As a woman entrepreneur, my entire business centers around my belief that as women entrepreneurs and leaders, it is now our time. We are being asked to balance out the world by operating fully in our feminine energy: with compassion, creativity, sustainability and the goal of shared abundance.

Our history here on earth too long has been centered around Alpha Male leadership. Right now, what we are witnessing the culmination of that lack of feminine energy and a big shift in our story.

The Power of the Divine Feminine

Now let me be clear, I am talking about energy.

The Yang to the Yin.

The balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine – both which carry elements of each other.

I am talking about leadership that equally operates from the heart, mind, and spirit. I am talking about focusing on the creation of shared, Universal abundance. Not the division of scarcity.

I believe there are many men out there who have this feminine energy (Dan Price of Gravity Payments for example), who give space to their compassionate, creative energy and their long-term, inclusive visions. And who in the traditional, narcissistic, Alpha Male model are considered weak. But in the new model, they are essential.

Facing it head on

When the horrifying realities of racism, xenophobia, sexism and economic division powerfully rise to the surface – energies that have always been there, energies may of us have chosen to ignore or remain ignorant about – we sensitive, spiritual, transforming souls are called to give them our full attention.

Full on.

Because we have the power to transform them.

And it is not an option not to.

So do we be part of this transformation without draining our compassionate selves?

How do we honor what we are being called to do without leaving the path to manifesting abundance in our own lives as well as Universally?

The Little Big Mouth Humanifesto

  1. Re-write the narrative.

    Write down your vision of what the future will be like when our universal uplevel is complete. And write it from a place of gratitude. As if it is already here. Go into detail. Bring it down to an essential sentence. Create a ritual around writing & speaking that sentence out loud every morning or evening to help you embody the transformation and keep your focus.

    For example: “I am so thankful that the world feels like _____________, I am celebrating that people are being _____________ with each other. I am proud that I am a part of creating this atmosphere, because I know that I have the power to transform.”

  1. Raise your awareness

    In order to manifest the vision you have for your life and for the world, you must be aware of the negative energy that is blocking us all. This means you must choose to stand open to the stories that may be too painful to hear, the messages you may not be able to understand, the confrontational aspects about yourself you do not want to admit or feel. Allow yourself to open up to them and believe in the power of your vulnerability.

  1. Strive to Understand.

    This is not all about you and it is about you. You are a sensitive. Compassionate person but you are not perfect. If you are from a background that has benefitted from the hierarchical privilege that our current society runs on, it is time you admit that and understand what that has meant for you and for others. You are part of something bigger and this means it includes you.

  1. Listen.

    It is our duty to listen to the stories of others. To be open to a different narrative. To get uncomfortable in the process. This will mean we are at a loss for words and solutions. This may mean that our deepest emotions are triggered. While we have to give room to feel those emotions, we need to continue to listen. Those messages are bringing them up so you can transform those emotions into positive energy.

  1. Ask.

    When these horrifying and confrontational events occur, it means we MUST ask ourselves how we are contributing to them. Because this is the result of a Universal energy we are all putting out. Then ask yourself what you can do to put a new energy into the world. Ask others what they need, ask yourself what you are best at giving.

  1. Self care.

    This is heavy process. And for the highly sensitive, we feel it very strongly. But this does not mean we are free to abandon it. It means that we can give ourselves permission to recharge. When the enormity and heaviness of it all feels like it is taking over, yes, yes, yes – self care, introspection, reflection, ritual and personal space is a requirement. Incorporate your personal essential rituals into your experience. Take time to nourish yourself, time for self-focus and insight, for reflection, recharging, healing and inspiration. Go back to your narrative form #1 and ask yourself what very action you can take right now to continue on that path to living it.

  2. Return.

    And then come back to us – but return willing to continue to do the work. Be committed to your action. Be committed honing your narrative. Be committed to learning. Be committed to being part of the Universal transformation.

  3. Commit. 

    Decide that, regardless if you have all the answers right now, you will commit to finding them, implementing them and taking action RIGHT NOW to be part of the change you wish to see.

    And then, hold yourself accountable by daring to publicise your commitment.

My commitment

I recently took these steps myself.

I decided that I would not ignore the events rising to the surface.

I decided I would dive into them.

I would go through the process – painful, tiring, and demanding of much self-reflection and a willingness to be confronted.

I recently took time to recharge from world events.

I realized I could not longer operate my business and not be part of the universal transformation. Click To Tweet

My business is no longer only about formulating an aligned message, attracting the right clients, and creating a sustainable and profitable business model for ourselves.

I have now incorporated facilitating strong, feminine, full-hearted leadership into my programs.

Supporting blossoming women leaders who wish to combine their values with their vision. Their compassion with their cleverness. Their purpose with their business.

As we bring your Divine Feminine leader out of the closet, and help her bravely and boldly embody the transformation we called to create not just in ourselves, but in our world.

Are you ready for your Superwoman’s Journey? I am ready to join you. Contact me for a free session to discuss how I can help you on your path as a divine feminine leader.



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