Is your story out of alignment?

Your hand hurts from the gazillionth re-write.

Your big bold number goal – and those unpaid bills – are getting more focus and energy than that follow-up email or invoice reminder.

You just signed on that client and gave her the early bird rate, an action taker’s discount, a payment plan, the promise to give her detailed notes from every session along with ten PDFs you have not yet even created.

Or perhaps the clients and the money is flying in, you have a waiting list up to here, you have hit all of your targets, you have a great team taking things off of your hands…

Yet you feel uninspired, unchallenged, bored and well, not like yourself.

You lost the spirit of the Yoga instructor when you became a business coach.

The power of the healer when you started ignoring your self-care time to keep “rocking it every day”.

The inventiveness of the creative when you kind of cut and pasted everyone else’s formulas.

You’ve stopped being energized by your business and you are starting to feel drained by it.

You’ve forgotten about your vision, your dream.

And when people ask you what you do and can do for them, you feel like you are talking out of someone else’s mouth.

You started looking towards others in order to find yourself.

And suddenly, everything you communicate is full of soundbites, phrases and even someone else’s goals…

At this point many people start to try to re-brand.

They throw everything out the window.

They look around for inspiration and think “Who can I be?”

Instead of “Who am I? Who am I becoming?”

Story alignment is un-branding. 

It is about wearing your truth.

The process of returning to your core story – present, past, future, and even ancestral – to find the patterns, symbols, context and confirmations that serve as anchors for re-aligning yourself.

It is supported by the most authentic core of who you are – rather than a fabrication of what you think others want..

It powerfully honors your voice, values and vision.

It seals you together the people who you are meant to serve — rather than trying to make you be everything to everyone.

And it weaves this all together to into the path of your success story – while giving you the pen to write it into reality.

Story alignment is a profound process that catapults us into that moment when we suddenly say:

Wow, everything is always working out for me.”

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Linda’s Alignment Story

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When the beautiful, authentic and compassionate Linda Bot came to me, she had a whisper of a business.

In that whisper was a beautifully aligned narrative. One that threw the doors open to her success story.

Linda creates luxurious, beautiful, effective and 100% natural skin care products.

sara-put-my-dreamsinto-wordsBut the reason why this is her passion is the most interesting here – it is because she personally experienced how common manufactured skin-care products actually make can us and our loved ones literally sick.

This is the most important, powerful part of her story alignment.

So together, we aligned her vision for her business, her narrative, her values, and her voice with her message.

This naturally came together in a new name – one that completely carries her energy, story, voice and WHO SHE IS:


… it also formed the core story of her business – and sparked a beautiful success story that is unfolding before her eyes.

Linda’s Upward Spiral of success


…She applied for and WON the Marie Claire Starters Award…

…The orders are flowing in so quickly her boxes still need to be unpacked…

…She found her first retail distributor in the city of Amsterdam – and within the first half hour, two of her products were already purchased…

THIS is not a coincidence. This is the upwards spiral of success that comes from the truth of story alignment.

Linda knows and has experienced first-hand how powerful story alignment is is for our lives and businesses.

And while I LOVE how she accredits it to our work together, I would like to add the FULL reason why she is enjoying her success is that she aligned her business ENTIRELY with the truth of her story. With who she IS.

And this is what catapulted her success.


Annika’s Alignment Story

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The powerfully sweet, ethereal, kind and magical Annika had been experiencing quite a journey when it came to both her life and business.

Her story is one of overcoming the most painful experiences while constantly turning towards the joy in life.

She had been a Birthing Guide, a “Raw Chocolate Fairy”, and lately an “Intuitive Happiness Coach”.

But it just was not feeling right any more.

She was experiencing a huge shift that was overwhelming, confusing and weighing on her.

midwifeHer dis-alignment was also reflecting on the clients she was attracting – as well as her financial situation.

She recognised that this shift was all about bringing her truths into the open and that made her feel vulnerable.

And then we teamed up together in the Story Alignment Intensive.

Together, we explored her past and present narratives, her vision, her voice, her gifts, and brought them into alignment.

This resulted in a new name that powerfully reflected the essence of who she is.

The Light Maiden

Her story alignment process also inspired clarity about her services, her message, who she serves and a flood of inspired action that led to more client sign ons than she ever could have imagined.

screenshot-2016-10-11-13-03-59She took big, bold actions right then and there – in a way that brought on MORE energy rather than draining them.

She secured her URL and began the process of incorporating her story alignment into her look, feel & message.

She reached out and boldly dared to tell the world what she had to offer – literally. And she was 100% transparent about WHY she was offering what she was. Where she had just come from. Her financial situation. Her lack of alignment. And why this was her new truth.

Her offer pretty much immediately resulted in more bookings at once than she had ever received before and the month had just started.

This is the beauty of story alignment.


Ready to un-brand — and bring your story into alignment?

If you recognise yourself in what I have shared, if you are ready to get bold, if you are willing to embrace your vulnerabilities, if you are excited about exploring your present, past, ancestral stories and future vision, and if you are open to taking action to really go there…

Then the Story Alignment Intensive may be for you.

I have just a few spots left until the end of 2016 and if we are a good match, I would love to offer one of them to YOU.

Learn more about the Story Alignment Intensive and apply today.


Ready to change your narrative?


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