I dreamt of sharing a platform with Danielle LaPorte. Then I manifested it. This is how.

Danielle LaPorte inspires my socks off.

I’ve had a serious girl crush on the woman since I discovered her and the Desire Map 3 years ago.

Her wise, poetic & spiritual soul. Her authentic transparency AND the way she holds her boundaries sacred. Her warmth and openness matched with her “tell it like it is” stye. She is clever, intuitive and compassionate. She does things differently. She calls out the BS in this business and shines a light on inspiring truth.

She is a writer all over (and a best selling one at that).

And she makes magical shift happen.

When I look at Danielle LaPorte, I secretly think: That's one leading lady I could be too. Click To Tweet

After recently tackling some serious blocks I had about my own visibility and success story, I thought it time to re-assessed my vision for my future — and really allow myself to go there. What would highly visible me be like? What would my success mean for me? Who would I be engaging with? Who would I be sharing a stage with?

When I got to that last one, I had a very clear vision of myself sharing ground with Ms Danielle LaPorte. And so I wrote it into my 3-5-year vision.

Just a few weeks later, I manifested the opportunity to partner with her. This is how the story went down. 

In short, I practiced what I teach & preach to my clients — merging magic realism and practical magic together with powerful writing and messaging practices.

Here is the rundown of my how I invoked my Little Big Mouth Success Story Ritual:

1. I re-aligned my story with my own desires and intentions, exploring my story to understand why honoring my success story is bigger than only me.

2. I allowed myself to daydream about what my success story would be like. I put on my success story meditation tracks and carved out time to just be with those dreams.

3. I cleared and reframed the blocks that came up as to why I could not achieve this success.

4. I “abracdabra-ed” my intentions into the world, going public and getting visible about them. I spoke about my wishes to others, posted about it, write it down in notes to myself. This is just one of the posts in my Facebook group:

Speaking my desires to work with Danielle LaPorte

5. I opened up to the messages that would appear, seeing them as guides, and followed them with inspired, aligned and intention-fuelled action. This included following a tag from someone in my Facebook group, because she knew of my dreams. Danielle LaPorte herself had posted about coming to Amsterdam this summer and was looking for tips for her visit. I could have brushed it off. But because I was open to my desires, I jumped on it… and with the aligned intention of just connecting from a true place, I offered her a personalised list of things SHE would enjoy in the city, things she may not even be aware of because they went beyond the typical tourist stuff.

Of course, this resulted in a notification that she had “liked” my response and that she had “replied” to it.

<Cue me dropping onto the floor…>

Connecting with Danielle LaPorte

6. I acknowledged and celebrated my experience openly from a place of gratitude. I posted about this little win in a Facebook community I belong to for a program I had joined to help me with upping my media visibility (remember, reframing my visibility sabotages was crucial, and joining this program was a way to invest in and commit to this intention).

7. I did all of this while releasing the outcome, but trusted that working with Danielle would happen. 

8. I continued to take action whenever those messages, symbols or invitations to act would arise. In this case, it turns out that the woman running the program I had placed my gratitude post in (the amazing Selena Soo) happened to actually be working with Danielle LaPorte. After reading my little gratitude post, she publicly invited me to take part in a special, exclusive, limited and rare opportunity to partner with Danielle LaPorte. My alignment with my intentions was unarguably clear. <3.

How I manifested Danielle LaPorte

9. I invested in my dream. This is something I did all along while I was manifesting this beauty — I invested thought, commitment, dedication, work, action and funds to make this happen.

I invested in the right programs for myself because I was clear about my intentions.

I ignored shiny objects — those people who told me “this is what you need to have to be successful” or even “this is what success is”. I decided for myself what I wanted out of my success story and I looked the things that aligned with my intentions and fed my growth and development to help me make it happen.

I also stopped focussing on the cheap solutions that would just take my time and funds with little delivery and instead looked for those things that would deliver real value first. Not the things where I thought “Oh, I never realised I needed this” or “Oh, so this is the magic secret everyone seems to be doing.” Not because the things that promised the moon. The things that clearly had been designed with intention, compassion, cleverness and clarity as well.

And above all, I chose to invest in the things that directly answered to my vision, supported my reframe and aligned with my own intentions.

I did the work to know how I could bring more value to my clients by honoring my own journey — and what I would need to do this.

I had done the mindset work about my visibility, now it was time to really understand and practice the art of getting visible.

So when the opportunity arose, I could join Selena Soo’s program to learn how to take all of my writing and turn it into published articles, guest blog posts, and podcasting and media appearances.

And suddenly, I was ready to open up to the opportunity to partner with Danielle LaPorte from a place of gratitude, abundance, alignment, knowledge and focus on my own success story.

In short, by the time this opportunity presented itself, I had already done the work and reserved the energy, belief, time, space and funds for the things that would make those dreams about my success story become my reality.

So here I am, living my success story in a way that means I could create the magnus opus of all of my programs — delivering the most aligned value yet to my clients.

The one that came straight out of my journey. My heart. My intention.

The Sistermind.

This 6-month group success coaching experience will help up to ten blossoming Protagonistas, women leaders in the making, who are ready to write their own success stories with compassion, cleverness and creativity.

Women ready to become real leaders who bring about real change in the world, combining values with value.

Women ready to create rewarding lives, businesses and careers because they are aligned with their journeys.

A program that has as much loving intention created into it as I have put into my own success story.

And a program that will be blessed with the presence of the  one and only Danielle LaPorte, who will be joining us live.

(And yes, she will also be on my upcoming podcast as well. 😉 )

Ready to change your narrative?


Sign up for the 
"Change the Narrative"
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