Manifesting ritual, and the Law of Attraction, are more practical than we realise. 

It is opens up the energetic channels called our neural system, allowing us to recognise the anchors that spark the action-taking needed to create what we desire. 

When we manifest, we are literally manifesting neuroscience. Or as I like to call it, harnessing “practical magic” to create “magic realism”.

Many of us think that manifesting is all about simply closing your eyes, making a wish and suddenly it comes true. And that is why many of us think that this is just hocus-pocus nonsense.

But manifesting is actually a very practical tool for creating a reality based on our desires.

Basically, even if you do not believe in spirituality, magic or “woo” (which I do, because I believe it is all nature and nature is magic), there are some very practical explanations for why manifesting works.

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In short, manifesting rituals re-program our brain to shift our focus onto the things that represent our desires, the anchors that inspire us to take the actions that will bring our desires into our reality.

This is because:

1. The Law of Attraction is all about magnetic energy.
Think about it. If you are in a crappy mood, people feel your energy and react to you from that place. Their reactions add to the negative energy and more negativity is created. We have all heard of the “self-fulfilling prophecy”… this is why.

Likewise, when we are around others who are in bad moods, often we feel that energy affecting us and have to be conscious to not absorb it ourselves.

If you are in a fabulous mood, you create more fabulousness. And of course, when others around you are in a brilliant mood, you take on that energy.

(One of my favourite short stories, the funny “One Ordinary Day with Peanuts” by Shirley Jackson, is all about what happens when a couple decides what day they are going to have.)

2. Manifesting rituals change the beliefs-results cycle.
In coaching, we use a model called the “Beliefs-Results Cycle.” This model basically says: Our beliefs determine our thoughts, our thoughts dictate our actions, and our actions create our reality.

When we perform manifesting rituals of any nature, as long as we are performing them from a place of being open to outcomes rather with cynicism, we create shifts in our beliefs, thoughts, actions and finally our reality.

This is because rituals at their heart shift energies. We can also say they shift our mindsets.

In short, manifesting rituals — which consist of everything from meditation to affirmations to visualisation to writing rituals to vision boards to even casting “spells”, using tarot decks, or activating crystals — can shift our beliefs, thoughts, actions and results.

3. Manifesting is Neuroscience. We literally are manifesting neuroscience when we practice these rituals.
Manifesting rituals change the way we perceive the world. They put a spotlight to those objects, anchors and the pathways that represent our desires, and get us to take action to move in the direction of our visions of fulfilment.

How are we manifesting neuroscience? By allowing ourselves to visualise the reality we want, activating our neural system with those visuals. 

Our brains take in 8 million pieces of information every moment. Pretty much information overload. Which means we require a filter to determine what information we pay attention to — even subconsciously.

Enter the Reticular Activating System (RAS) — the filter between our conscious and subconscious. This filter is stimulated by images.

Manifesting rituals re-program our brains to consciously (at first) send messages to our RAS that align with our desired reality. This means we are basically pre-programming that RAS filter.

Manifesting rituals activate neuroscience. We are literally manifesting neuroscience. Click To Tweet

When we perform our manifesting rituals, we are creating images of what we desire and sending these to our RAS filter. Which means our RAS starts to recognise these things that represent our desired reality, in turn activating our cells to take action as if we are in that reality.

So our bodies react as if what we desire is already here — creating that magnetic energy I referred to above.

Because the RAS does not differentiate between what is real and what is imagined. It has no cynicism. It has no blocks. It just turns on that “Yes, please” switch.

That’s what I mean by manifesting neuroscience.

4. Writing down our desires makes it 97% more likely we will create them.
Those who know me know that much of the manifesting neuroscience rituals I use with my clients are based on writing, speaking and storytelling. I like to call this “Abracadabra-ing” — which is an ancient Hebrew word that literally means “I create what I speak”.

My clients and I are by nature readers, writers and storytellers (or aspire to be), so using storytelling as a manifesting neuroscience ritual suits our style.

But also… research shows that people who write down specific goals and share those goals with at least one other person are 97% more likely to obtain them.

I am living proof that I practice what I preach.

Many of you may know that I got myself out of a “shift hitting the fan” scenario in April of 2016. How did I do this? I performed a powerful writing ritual that opened me up to envisioning what I really desired for a fulfilling life. And I shared the heck out of it. I sprinkled that story around everywhere like glitter.

And suddenly, I noticed all of those objects, symbols and pathways that beckoned me to follow them. I activated energy in myself that inspired me to take the practical actions — with full clarity about why and full recognition of the blocks I needed to release to do so.

This allowed me to master the manifestation of my desires to the point that I managed to create for myself 95% of what I envisioned within less than 6 months.

And in turn, I could share and teach the practices with other women so they could do the same.

There is no such thing as a permanent state of bliss. Because we are human beings on earth and not gods.

However, the art and science of manifesting means we can return to that bliss when we need to. It is the life practice of shifting our energy and focus back to what serves us.

One of my biggest sabotages is overwhelm. Feeling like there is too much going around me, too much I have to do, and that I have no power or control over it.

Recently, a combination of end-of-school-year chaos and crises hijacked my entire plan, calendar and schedule for my Sistermind Early Bird offer.

I literally had to throw my plans out the window, delay my work, and became far behind because I had to accomodate life taking place.

At first, typical Sara took over. Panic, anxiety, pressure, guilt. Overwhelm.

How the heck was I going to write my emails, newsletters, posts, do my admin, etc etc etc?!?! This is going to be a disaster!

But then I practiced one of my manifesting rituals. I literally wrote down my reframe: “I am so grateful that running my business is easy and fun.”

I meditated, speaking that sentence out into the world and visualising exactly what that would be like.

By the time I was done, my energy had shifted and I believed that my business was easy and fun.

And then I did something very important.

I took action in alignment with my desires.

I simply made it easy. I moved the deadline for my webinar. I updated my program page to reflect more of what I wanted to say. I changed the date of my early bird offer.

Yeah, I can do that because I am my own darn boss.

I wasn’t failing myself. I certainly wasn’t failing my clients by giving them more time.

I was doing everything in alignment with my desires — and not just because I was following what all of the gurus out there are telling me I had to do.

And then, the most amazing thing happened.

It became easy. And fun. And I manifested the shift out of myself.

I signed on two more clients, booked a vacation and received a tax return for the same amount the very next day, I was accepted for publication in one of my favourite online magazines, and I suddenly discovered I had been cited in an academic journal of all places. (Go ahead, click the link and scroll through the references until you get to “Bobkoff”. 😊 )

This all happened because of the ✨✨✨  practical magic known as neuroscience✨✨✨  Hooray!

Writing our success stories is meant to be a collective practice

Which is why I have now created a program that has us doing exactly that.

The Sistermind is a Group success coaching experience for women looking to take the pen to their own success stories into their own hands, while sharing the journey with other blossoming leaders just like them.

It is a 6-month journey designed around the art and science of writing our success stories into reality. Together, we will boost our chances of creating our desired realities by 97%.

The Sistermind™ group success coaching experience with special guest Danielle LaPorte

The Sistermind is specifically for blossoming Protagonistas-in-the-making, bright and bold women who are ready to add our female energy into the world and impact the storyline.

Will be coming together to create and share our success with:

  • compassion and cleverness
  • vision and values
  • voice and visibility
  • purpose and profit

…so we can shift the success narrative into one that is about creating, sustaining, sharing and enjoying an abundance reality for all. By the power of our own voluptuous brains, pens and stories.

Our Universe depends on it.

Are you ready to do the same?

Learn more about the Sistermind here.


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