3 Weeks to Clients

The ONE thing you do NOT need to start getting clients.

...and the 3 things you do.

Get started today. 

I have made this Pay What Feels Good indefinitely -- which means time is not running out. 

The time is NOW.


"I just need to finish my website and then I'll start getting clients..." 

I'll let you in on a secret: Your website will never be finished.  

By their very nature, websites are designed to be dynamic and change and grow -- so they can transform along with you and your business.  

Building a website always takes more time than you realise. The next thing you know, months have gone by and you still do not have any clients.

You get stuck in that vortex of technology, perfectionism, amateurish design attempts, and...  

...let's get real here... 

Giving in to your fears about getting visible, being vulnerable and feeling like a fraud.

To put it mildly. ;) 

So... you could continue to spend months fiddling around with fonts and colours and coding and downloading plugins you may not even need...

Or you could just go out and show the world your value and get yourself some beautiful clients.

And the best part? You really only need three things to do that.

  • A message you believe in.
  • The right people to tell it to, and...
  • A Plan of Action to connect with them in person, develop trust, and inspire them to take it even further with you.

(I know this works, because this is exactly how I got my first clients. And exactly how many of my clients started getting theirs.)

You can't start creating your success story if you don't start making us a part of it.

What would it be like...

* To have immediate confirmation that what you have to offer RIGHT NOW is powerful, valuable, and enough?

* To already start working with the right clients - the ones who are excited & grateful to work with you because you can really help them?

* To start earning the funds to invest in your business, yourself, pay bills, and treat yourself?

...even before your website is "done"?

Enter 3 Weeks to Clients...

21 days to designing your first high-value, low-cost workshop...

21 days to getting clear on your message and value...

21 days to filling it with the people you most enjoy serving... and making it easy for them to commit to taking it further with you. Right then and there.

And here is the best part - I have mapped out a done for you A-to-Z plan that takes away the footwork you can focus on revving yourself up ratehr than wearing yourself out.

...and I even give you powerful tools and exercises to get your over your fears in the process.

Week 1 - Believe 

  • Find your deep, authentic and compelling message - and get clear on who you can best help with it.
  • Set clear, achievable, rewarding goals for yourelf - and be prepared to celebrate achieving them.
  • Identify and release your blocks and fears around getting visible.
  • Enjoy a Done for You, A-to-Z plan that takes out the footwork so you can focus on delivering "Wow!".

Week 3 - Succeed

  • Adopt a radiant success mindset.
  • Put simple measures in place that will easily and authentically inspire attendees to commit to becoming clients - right there. 
  • Enjoy "quick & clean" follow-up strategies to recruit more clients after the event.
  • Get ready to rinse and repeat!

Week 2 - Attract 

  • Get super clear about who you can really serve - the ones who are most likely to become longer-term clients.
  • Discover how you already have a fabulous list of these exact people to invite to your workshop.
  • Reach out to them with a compelling, personalised, authentic invitation from the heart.
  • Learn practical tools and techniques that will boost commitment and attendance.

What's included

Core contents

  • Goal-Setting Checklist to avoid overwhelm and set realistic but rewarding goals. 
  • 21 Day Done for You Action Plan - with daily & weekly check-offs. 
  • Exercises and templates to help you design & structure your workshop - including finding the right venue and asking the right sign-up rates.  
  • Marketing copy exercises, templates and even a swipe text to help you attract, approach and invite the right people.  
  • BONUS: Powerful guided visualisation MP3 to get you over your visibility issues and feeling your value.  
  • BONUS: emails with practical and invaluable tips such as setting up a simple sign-up page, pricing, accepting payments, opening up to asking and receiving for your services... and more... 
  • BONUS Exclusive rate on a 30 minute 1:1 SOS live Skype session.

Full pay bonus

Pay the suggested rate or more and get more BONUSES, including:

  • BONUS done for you presentation template - with additional marketing copy tips
  • BONUS Webinar tool breakdown - to choose which tool best suits your budget and technical needs
  • Bonus Webinar launch sequence - to incorporate your Step by Step Action Plan for your online webinar

Get started today - pay what feels good!

Suggested Rate for additional bonuses: €147 (excludes VAT if applies) 

The time is NOW. 


This shift works...

 Who is this lady?

That would be me, Sara Bobkoff

The heart and brain behind www.LittleBigMouth.net 

I am Voice & Message Mentor and Story Coach who helps compassionate, creative, clever women like you write their own success stories. 

Why? Because I am on a mission to make our voices part of a fiercely feminine economy

And it is time we do this together - you do not have to be a one-woman-show.

I have several 1:1 and group programs so you don't have to go it alone.

Questions? I got answers.

Who is this program for?

This program is for women with fledgeling, start-up, service-based sole proprietorships. Women who are struggling with their websites and going in circles -- instead of justtaking action to put their messages into the world and going out nd connecting to people.

This is also or women who find themselves frozen by perfectionism, struggling with visibility issues, stuck in overwhelm, and who are sensitive, introverted, or find it hard to ask people to work with them. 

And it is also for women who are ready to get over that struggle, start taking action and do the work.

While I do offer a special rate on a 30 minute SOS call for additional support, you have to be willing to do much of this work autonomously or find an accountability partner to help you check in and move forward.

Who is this program not for?

If you are not ready to face your fears and sabotages, take action and do the work consistently, this is not for you. 

While I do offer a special rate on a 30 minute SOS call for additional support, and invite you into my Facebook group for accountability and inspiration, you have to be willing to do much of this work autonomously and/or possibly find an accountability partner to help you check in and move forward.

If you are frozen by perfectionism or irritated by little things, prefer not to work with digital downloads, or are not ready to step up and take action, this program is not for you.

What if I have a product-based business?

This program focusses on holding a workshop & giving a presentation -- in order to build up trust with the right people to continue working with you on the longer term. It is primarily geared towards service-based businesses.

If you have a product-based business, there are still many useful things you can still apply depending on your product. 

Please contact me to see if it would be appropriate for you before purchasing.

In what form will I receive this program?

All content is delivered as digital downloads - these include pdfs, MP3s and email newsletters.

Will I really get clients in 3 weeks?

Bringing on clients is a combination of aligning with your authentic gifts, vision and knowledge, believing in your gift, getting excited about it, and building up a relationship of trust with the right people - the ones you can best serve from an authentic place.

I have put this program together to help you do all of these.

If you do the work - including getting past your fears of asking people to sign on with you - and really start believing in the value of what you have to offer, you will be increasing your chances of recruiting longer-term clients.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind, do not use the program, decide after purchasing that it is not for me, or are not happy with the results?

I have used these exact techniques myself - as have several of my clients and colleagues - and find that this is really the most effective way to start bringing in clients to fund your business. 

Just the tips on your marketing message alone is worth the investment - people pay copywriters a lot more for this process, as it allows you to put a core, compelling and attracting message into the world about who you are and what you do.

I have loaded this program with so much value I believe you will get what you need from it - now or later on when you are ready. So keep it and refer back to it and trust that you will get what you are need from it.

Please note, however, that because of the digital nature of this program, no refunds will be extended.

Can I share this content with others, re-purpose it, or re-sell it?

Of course not. This content is a result of my brain, my experience, training, process and a truckload of investment in my own business. I have put almost two direct years into the knowledge I am passing on to you. And a lifetime of insight.

Even more, it is my intellectual property and you will have a pretty big weight on your conscience - not to mention big, bad legal issues - if you do not respect that. Click the "Legal Information" link below for more details.

But also - hey lady, you are enough. Have more faith in your gifts.

Believe in your own abilities. Put your own message in the world, create your own offers, use that gorgeous brain of yours. 

And remember, we are all here to lift each other up and we do that by investing in other women's businesses so we can develop and learn and create a new, fiercely feminine economy.

Please refer to the legal information page for more about the services, terms and conditions.

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