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Dear You, whom I am honored to have on this page: I am a coach and a story alchemist.   My toolkit is story, words, writing and voice.   And I believe that this is the best way I can help shape the story of the world to be one of justice, equality, equity and cohesion.   This does not mean I am the vision of perfection, of eternal bliss, or permanently living in “high vibes”. And I will never ask nor expect that of my clients.   Because this work demands that there will be no spiritual bypassing, false promises, or promotion of the lies in the pyramid scheme of privilege.   This work is as grounded in the earth as it is in the universe. I do not hide where I am. I name it.   The rising fascism under the disguise of Nationalism and even Libertarianism in America, the country my grandparents ran to in order to escape anti-Semitic abuse, terror, persecution, oppression, mass murder and genocide, is only getting worse.   And the similar rise in Europe, the continent my ancestors fled from, is no better.   The abuse of all of those at the bottom of the pyramid scheme of white supremacy has always been there, it is is just increasing.   The pillars of white supremacy — racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ablism, classism and so many others — have always been there.   White Supremacy is now exploiting them — and has been given the platform and the green light to do so with vigor under the guise of Free...
Death & the Infinite Story

Death & the Infinite Story

When a subject is taboo, it means that society believes the very act of speaking about it grants it dangerous supernatural powers. Death is one of those taboo subjects.

This is a story for my father, who recently passed away. In telling it, I am healing myself, you the reader, and the infinite passion of his spirit. Anything but taboo.

Make your story your best seller.

Make your story your best seller.

You already have a strategic business tool at your fingertips. It’s called your story. “Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul.” – Harvard Business Review A good story taps into an emotional reaction that can turn into leads – changing 10 Facebook likes into 200, 15 newsletter signups into 500. Just one single blog post telling my personal story increased my Facebook likes by over 35% and my newsletter signups by 110%. But it can also convert those leads from ‘just browsing’ into ‘sign me on’. Those conversions helped me fill my very first workshop & my first webinar to capacity. Did I also mention that it is just so darn fun? Little Big Mouth’s 1:1 Storytime intensive program for little businesses will get you working your brand story magic – and then creating a campaign around it to draw in more leads. Get your People cozying up to your brand story like it’s chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Go check out more about this fun and fab offer and sign up quickly – there are only 6 spots available. Little Big...
My Little Big Life: The Ultimate Mom Detox

My Little Big Life: The Ultimate Mom Detox

That headline could be read a few different ways. It could mean: ‘Here is a crash diet “detox” that will help you lose all that awful, ugly, shameful weight you gained from having the nerve to make a baby, you worthless human being.” And it could also read: “The best way to rid the world of mothers, that horrid group of women who are poisoning the world one child at a time.” Or it could be saying: “The best way to rid yourself of the toxic feelings, emotions, and experiences that you have undergone since becoming a Mom in a world that undervalues us.” Sadly, most of the time it refers to the first one – and suggests the second. Well, I have happy news for you: This blog post is not about how to take up less space in the world. This is about how to claim more of it. A little while ago, after seeing the umpteenth ‘Skrinking Women’ post about ‘It has been three weeks since I had my baby and I still have not lost the baby weight’ on a forum for mothers, something woke me up. It was followed by: ‘I have decided to cut all gluten/grain/carbs out of my diet and just drink green juice and eat raw meat’ posts… which were followed by: ‘Why am I so exhausted all the time?’ These words were tying my belly into a knot. As someone who ‘still has not lost her pregnancy weight’ after 6 years, I have been through that shame, self-hatred and loss of self worth. It is a sucky to be banished to that planet; even suckier...
My Little Big Life: Messages

My Little Big Life: Messages

Every day has a story… I am a person who sees patterns, themes and stories in my daily life – which probably is why I have been a storyteller since before I could talk. But it is also how I connect to the world around me, to our internal and external universe. I believe that our universe presents these patterns before us to guide us towards our Purpose and it is up to us to learn how to recognise them and hear what they are trying to tell us. This past Saturday – the day I hosted my second Find Your Voice workshop as Little Big Mouth – was a day filled with a very clear theme: Messages. A little big gesture My husband is an observer and a doer. He is a Physical Therapist  who connects and communicates to the world through movement and actions and while he is very capable of communicating verbally, often he says the most with his gestures. I woke up Saturday morning with a full schedule ahead of me, including my workshop in the afternoon, and in the hustle and bustle of getting out the door I needed some sort of fuel to keep me going. And it is exactly in those rushy moments that we reach for just the opposite. Well, he clearly knew this as well. When I opened the fridge to grab what I could before I ran out the door, I was greeted by a delicious, yummy, healthy green smoothie filled with nutrients to nourish me during the morning and supply me with healthy energy. It was a very...

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