Make your story your best seller.

Make your story your best seller.

You already have a strategic business tool at your fingertips. It’s called your story. “Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul.” – Harvard Business Review A good story taps into an emotional reaction that can turn into leads – changing 10 Facebook likes into 200, 15 newsletter signups into 500. Just one single blog post telling my personal story increased my Facebook likes by over 35% and my newsletter signups by 110%. But it can also convert those leads from ‘just browsing’ into ‘sign me on’. Those conversions helped me fill my very first workshop & my first webinar to capacity. Did I also mention that it is just so darn fun? Little Big Mouth’s 1:1 Storytime intensive program for little businesses will get you working your brand story magic – and then creating a campaign around it to draw in more leads. Get your People cozying up to your brand story like it’s chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Go check out more about this fun and fab offer and sign up quickly – there are only 6 spots available. Little Big...
The 3 Little Big Rules for Communicating Pricing

The 3 Little Big Rules for Communicating Pricing

No frills? Or no clue? There has been a creepy trend among corporate industry in the last decade or so to quote misleadingly undercut pricing in order to grab a sale – and then throw in little fees and extra costs on top in order to grab a quick profit win. We’ve seen this with some banks, airlines, and various online services. It is a way of presenting a seemingly ‘bare-bones’ price that excludes essentials – and then packing on the bucks when the buyer signs on because those essentials are actually needed. Or just because they are being snarky sneaks. The industry term is called ‘No-frills’. In the language of the consumer these are called ‘Hidden fees’. In advertising this is called ‘bait & switch’.   In Little Big Mouth language, I call these OMFs. Old-school MBA Fails – though I would love to use two other words there that begin with M and F… The economy is pretty unstable right now. Imho (which you might have realised is never humble as a Little Big Mouth) we are in this situation because of this old-school MBA mindset of dominating, dividing and charging the world in the name of instant profit gratification. The idea of focusing on longer-term connections and sustainability (yes, that means better profits) has been forgotten. Which is one of the main reasons why I started Little Big Mouth.   In the spoils of this masculine, old-school business model, many corporations have lost touch with their People: their employees, their customers and their communities. Those of us who are up against glass ceilings are simply ‘not...
The Golden Rule of Copywriting

The Golden Rule of Copywriting

I always tell my little business clients: Write the way you speak. As a small business, solopreneur, mompreneur or coach, you are not writing for your English professor or your boss. You are writing for your clients and customers. Which means you owe it to them to write like YOU.  Tell them YOUR message, what THEY need to hear, in a voice that feels personal, authentic, inspiring and works the intimacy of your business. In a voice that feels and sounds like it belongs to you and only you. When you write in your authentic voice – and focus your message on how your business benefits THEM – that is when you make real connections with real clients. Which means you need to write like you. Your copywriting, Tone of Voice and brand messages should sound almost like you are there in person, supporting your potential clients. YOU are their biggest benefit. Little big...

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