The Golden Rule of Copywriting

The Golden Rule of Copywriting

I always tell my little business clients: Write the way you speak. As a small business, solopreneur, mompreneur or coach, you are not writing for your English professor or your boss. You are writing for your clients and customers. Which means you owe it to them to write like YOU.  Tell them YOUR message, what THEY need to hear, in a voice that feels personal, authentic, inspiring and works the intimacy of your business. In a voice that feels and sounds like it belongs to you and only you. When you write in your authentic voice – and focus your message on how your business benefits THEM – that is when you make real connections with real clients. Which means you need to write like you. Your copywriting, Tone of Voice and brand messages should sound almost like you are there in person, supporting your potential clients. YOU are their biggest benefit. Little big...
My Little Big Life: Messages

My Little Big Life: Messages

Every day has a story… I am a person who sees patterns, themes and stories in my daily life – which probably is why I have been a storyteller since before I could talk. But it is also how I connect to the world around me, to our internal and external universe. I believe that our universe presents these patterns before us to guide us towards our Purpose and it is up to us to learn how to recognise them and hear what they are trying to tell us. This past Saturday – the day I hosted my second Find Your Voice workshop as Little Big Mouth – was a day filled with a very clear theme: Messages. A little big gesture My husband is an observer and a doer. He is a Physical Therapist  who connects and communicates to the world through movement and actions and while he is very capable of communicating verbally, often he says the most with his gestures. I woke up Saturday morning with a full schedule ahead of me, including my workshop in the afternoon, and in the hustle and bustle of getting out the door I needed some sort of fuel to keep me going. And it is exactly in those rushy moments that we reach for just the opposite. Well, he clearly knew this as well. When I opened the fridge to grab what I could before I ran out the door, I was greeted by a delicious, yummy, healthy green smoothie filled with nutrients to nourish me during the morning and supply me with healthy energy. It was a very...
Top 1 Little Big Reason I Hate Content Marketing

Top 1 Little Big Reason I Hate Content Marketing

I hate that headline up there. I really do. Not because of the message. Because of the formulation. It has been formulated purely with Google search and click-through-rates in mind and not with me or you in mind. I am am a content marketer by trade. Which means I am all about content. Content, lovely. Depth. Meaning. Messages. Connections. I ain’t about instant gratification. Which means I am a content marketer who hates content marketing. I hate content marketing as we know it today. Because we as little businesses, mompreneurs and coaches have something big to say and we have a right to say it profoundly, in our own little big way. Because content marketing tricks like SEO crush our little voices and take them away from us. (SEO = search engine optimalisation, which means that you write your content with words that will make it show up higher on the search results on Google or Yahoo, etc.) It is time for content marketing to evolve. It needs to bring us back to words and messages. I want to help it evolve into something that is more about communicating authentically and making long-term connections rather than simply quick wins and quick bucks. You need to learn those rules so you can make a little use of them – and then break them like a ninja queen. People often turn to me for advice on how to market their brands online. You are probably hoping for such advice yourself. That’s cool. It is a good thing to know. Yes, I could give you a lot of marketing tips and they...

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