Eva’s Story

“Sara is not just wonderful at helping women tune in with their own voices. She is also a very inspiring, strategic and practical business coach.

Sara totally embodies her belief that women entrepreneurs need to unapologetically use their own voices in their businesses.

She inspired me, gave me permission, and showed me how to communicate in my natural voice.  And now the right people people are coming to me — drawn by my natural voice. 

But while my voice was attracting the right clients, I still had some work to do in order to receive them. As many business owners do, I too was struggling to communicate my value.

I rebooked with Sara because I needed to be able to communicate that value in a way that was both effective and in alignment with my values.

Sara helped me not only to embrace my value, she also gave me the practical, grounded support I needed in order to confidently ask for it from others.

In just one month, my client bookings more than doubled, my turnover increased by over 50%, and I had more clients than ever signing on with long-term packages.

The best part is that in the past few months I have been able to fully support my family while putting in the same hours and energy – with plenty of time to spend with my children.

Sara is a new-style business coach for women.

She is the right combination of inspiration, motivation and practical strategies for helping us think and play BIG.

…to help us become as part of a new economy, where women are creating a new way of business, redefining service, and asking for, receiving and delivering their true value – while embodying their unique, powerful energy.

If you want to watch your business grow from that authentic and powerful place, Sara is your woman!”

Eva Visser-Plaza

Career Coach & Rebalancing Therapist, www.EvaAuthenticLiving.com


Rubianca’s Story


“From very first call with Sara, I experienced so many eye openers about my business, myself, my message, and my clients.

The same evening that we launched my first storytelling campaign, I received 4 photo shoot inquiries. My web traffic has since seen a consistent boost. Best of all, these are all my ideal clients.

I was so thrilled, I decided to work with Sara again. This time, we focussed on soulfully communicating my value in my sales pages and conversations. We ran my next campaign and my sales exceeded my ROI.

Working with Sara is one great, big AHA moment. It has brought so much joy and pride into what I do.

My business has transformed from a photo factory into a storytelling service, inspiring and adding meaning to the lives of the mothers and families who hire me.”

Rubianca Han Simmelsgaard

Documentary Family Photographer, www.Rubianca.com

Melody’s Story

The Superwoman’s Journey was honestly life altering.

Before I started working with Sara I had no idea how utterly “small” I had been keeping myself in my life and business.

I had been suffering from multiple blocks in my business, extreme overwhelm, health and self-worth issues that had been affecting every area of life.

Right at the very beginning, she helped me to identify and remove a block I’ve been carrying around for 30 years.

She was extremely perceptive, kind and strong. She made me feel so comfortable as she helped me navigate through my emotions and thoughts. She helped me identify and change limiting beliefs, build new core beliefs and re-tell an empowering story of my own journey – all the while helping me understand the importance of self care and my self worth.

And now – not only has my life and health improved, but the back-to-back bookings have started. I recently even had a client buy a session and gift another!

Sara is nothing short of a brilliant, illuminating light.

Because of this amazing experience, I will ALWAYS sing Sara’s praise and can’t wait to take part in more of her programs.

Melody Rae

Lifestyle & Boudoir Photographer, www.MelodyRae.com and www.TheVixenEffect.com

Alison’s Story

Before working with Sara
I felt stuck

I was about to launch my business as an Ayurvedic coach. In my head I knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted to sound. However, when I sat down to write, I just could not get my message across the way I envisioned it.

And my “about me” page gave me some kind of anxiety!

Sara not only is a fabulous muse and mentor, but also a wonderful coach. I felt instantly connected with her – and during our sessions together, I was easily able to connect to my message.

I am so proud of what we created together. It was the foundation I needed to start my business off from a deeply connected place.

My business has grown out of my unique story – which is about embracing authentic femininity in a natural, harmonious, powerful way.

By working with Sara, I was able to communicate my message through that story.

I did not just launch a website. I launched a clear, personal, compelling, inviting space for a business that has been born from my heart and purpose.”

Alison Powers

Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, www.DarlingAlchemy.com

Sophia’s Story

While I already had a successful coaching business, I couldn’t quite pin down WHO it was that I was serving (my heart knew, my head didn’t).

Sara looked into my story, my background, my experience and said:
‘It’s something to do with designing your soft place in a hard world…’

At first I thought, yeah, that’s nice but what does that look like as a business?

But let me tell you – it looks like helping super-sensitive entrepreneurs to let go of the past labelling (shy, self conscious, aloof, odd, anti-social) and THRIVE in business and life — so that they stop bumping up against old pain and get out there with their message in a way that feels safe to them.

Which is exactly what Sara said from the beginning – designing a soft place in a hard world.

Sara could see it instantly, and this focus and realization meant I could embrace my uplevelling, bring on the right business coach, and witness how my message reaches my most ideal clients in the most rewarding, fulfilling way.

Sara, you are a genius.”


Sophia Lennox

Author & Coach for Sensitive Creatives, www.SophiaLennox.com

Marloes’s Story

“Thanks to my 1:1 with Sara, I was finally able to reconcile that link between my experiences as a singer overcoming stage-fright and my work as a personal branding coach.

Discovering that this link lay at the very center of my purpose was a huge breakthrough. Her insights were spot on in matching how my singing – and the story behind it – so beautifully fit in with my mission.

This is why I my work lies in helping others just be themselves. Always. Everywhere. And especially as entrepreneurs.

I coach my clients every day on how to draw their personal branding from their authentic selves – but it is just as difficult and intense for us coaches when we go it alone. It brings up just as many vulnerabilities for us as it does for our clients.

I am so grateful for how she helped me put those puzzle pieces together – which resulted in my About page.

Thank you so much, Sara!”

Marloes Halmans

Branding & Career Coach, www.MarloesHalmans.com

Dawn’s Story

“I just want to share with you a text message that was forwarded to me when a friend of mine passed on my website to a girlfriend of hers who is my ideal client:

“I checked out her website.
Holy shit balls! I’m all in!”

My message is resonating loud and clear.

I am just getting ready to launch my first program for a group of up to 10 women – four have already signed up the first afternoon and I still have two weeks to go!

It’s all happening.”

Dawn Lee

Soul Coach, The Cognitive Soul

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