How do you write an
About page?

You don’t.

Because an About is so much more
than just a page.

Drop the page. It’s all in the About.

I am Sara Bobkoff and I am a story weaver, a copy mentor, a message muse, a trained transformational coach, a writer, a mother, a wife, a healer, a feeler, a cook, a journeyer, a friend, a hearty laugher, a dreamer, a do-er.

I’m a little woman with a big voice.

And I got a whole lotta About brewing in me. 

You may not notice, but I have a big old bump on my head from slamming it hard against the glass ceiling. And I am one of the lucky ones. At least I was asked inside.

I have been a rising corporate star and just another number at a big old bank; a sensitive soul amongst the slick politicians of city hall; a girl Friday copywriter amidst the maddest of mad men; and a 9-months pregnant woman who was just told her contract was not being renewed.

I have been scoffed at by other women for leaving early to pick up my child. I have been escorted out of the office with just ten minutes to pack up her things.

I have also supported my family by renting out my voice to some colossal Big Boy Brands. It paid a little better than a desk job. But I paid even more.

Day care drop offs. Work. Dinner. Work. Dishes. Work. Laundry. Diapers. Bedtime. Cuddles. Work. Work. Work. Nights. Weekends. The cell phone under my pillow kind of thing.

By January 2014, I had rented my voice out left, right and center — to the point where there was hardly any voice there anymore. I thought I had lost it forever. 

(We’re talking about my voice, folks. My Voice.)

And then, one day, I heard it again. In the silence. The Call of My Voice. Which always comes disguised as a whisper.

“I want.”

Oh yeah. That. I got it. Finally.

My job was to follow my Want.

And I wanted my voice to be part of a big soulful choir, singing the change.

I gave myself a self-care raise and a promotion by signing up for a mindfulness training class and hiring a business mentor.

I made a pact with the Universe that we would always have each other’s backs. I’d work for it and it would work for me. And we’d both work for everyone.

And that’s how Little Big Mouth was born. 

So this is my About.

I am Sara Bobkoff
Story Alchemist & Success Coach


I align clever, compassionate, feminist leaders with their bloodlines and storylines
— so they can powerfully write their authentic success stories into reality.

Together, we weave together your DNA, gifts, purpose, values, vision and voice,
to put the pen to your Superwoman’s Journey into your own hands.

Why? Because when women like us write our own success stories,
we become the authors of a new, inclusive and abundant world narrative.

Our Universe depends on it.

Ready to change your narrative?


Sign up for the 
"Change the Narrative"
virtual challenge. 

Start with a guided activation
& begin writing your success story. 

The pen to changing the world
is in your hands,
starting now.

You are in! Keep your eyes out for a confirmation mail from: <--White list me and save me from your spam folder :) Get ready to Change the Narrative on Thursday, July 13th at 2:00 PM/14:00 CEST. More details here:

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