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Sara Bobkoff

Story Alchemist & Success Coach Sara Bobkoff is the woman behind

An natural writer, speaker & storyteller
A natural writer, speaker, and storyteller, Sara has been a featured blogger, thought-leader and guest speaker in media, podcasts and events such as Huffington Post, Thrive, The Bold & Brilliant Women Podcast Series, Spark Amsterdam, and the book “Mom, Incorporated” — and soon her very own podcast and original novel.

Sara is available to write, speak and storytell on topics such as:

* The Heroine’s Journey to Success
* Writing & Storytelling as a Transformational Art
* Feminist Business Models
* Story Alignment for Authentic & Powerful Impact

Powerfully aligned expertise
The child of a single mother, a poet and therapist, and an estranged father who was a professor of theater, Sara learned to merge her innate talents for story, insight, imagination and healing to create success from struggle through the power of words.

Having manifested a full scholarship to Sarah Lawrence College after writing an award-winning play at 16, she was introduced to the the Hero’s Journey when she ran the Campus Teahaus located in the former office of Dr Joseph Campbell  …and has been following her bliss ever since..

Changing the world, one female success story at a time
As a Transformational Coach, writer, 7-year business owner, and former brand developer for major brands, Sara now uses her life learnings to powerfully align compassionate, creative and clever Protagonistas so they can write their own success stories into reality — merging the ink of ancestry, storyline, voice and vision into the pages of their Superwoman’s Journey.

Her clients have become award-winners, creators of new business models, and impactful voices of change.

Sara believes it is time we women change the world narrative. Our Universe depends on it.

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