The Superwoman’s Sistermind

A sisterhood that gets us
writing our success stories with

values & vision
compassion & cleverness
voice & visibility
purpose & profit

to become authentic, empowered, impactful
& successful
women leaders.

What is the Superwoman’s Sistermind?

“Sister, open your heart, fling your hopes high, and set your dreams aloft. I am here to hold your hand.” 

— Maya Angelou

This 6-month women’s mastermind has been designed for blossoming women leaders
who wish to combine their values with their vision.

Their compassion with their cleverness.

Their purpose with their profits.

Amidst a circle of inspiring women.

Together, we will create a sisterhood that will communally raise our vibes,
magnify our impact, increase our value and lift each other up
as we write our success stories.

We will get serious about making our big visions our reality
by combining:

sisterly support
powerful writing ritual
practical & strategic planning
laser action-taking
voice & visibility
magic manifestation

…into the art of the Heroine’s Journey.

What will we be doing?

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors
where there were only walls.”

– Dr. Joseph Campbell

This program is for blossoming leaders who find themselves constantly hitting ceilings and walls that sabotage their own successes — while deep inside, they know they are capable having profound impact on the world as well as their own lives.

Together, we will journey towards that self-defined “bliss” – the one that opens up the doors to our success.

We will master the mindset, processes, and practical steps necessary for embarking on the Superwoman’s Journey, while remaining committed and dedicated to each other’s experiences and triumphs – with authenticity, integrity, passion, compassion, self-compassion.

We will empower each other’s voices and be confident in our visibility through writing, speaking and publishing.

And we will witness miracles.

Chapter 1: Story

Discover and confirm your gifts, purpose, calling and mission – while identifying and releasing beliefs that just do not serve you – by diving into your present, past and ancestral narrative.

Chapter 2: Vision

Turn your narrative into a personal, magnetic truth that will give you a clarity of vision that will pull you forward, get you through even the toughest trials, and attract the things that magically bring you alignment and fulfillment.

Chapter 3: Intention & Activation

Set powerful intentions and activate your Superwoman’s Journey with sacred, magical writing rituals that will Abracadabra our wishes into the world and put us on bring us into the most chapters in our journey that we could have ever hoped for.

Chapter 4: Strategy & Action

Turn your story, vision and intentions into a practical strategy to use as your roadmap to guide you for  the next 1, 3, 6 months and even — 1 year ahead.

Chapter 5: Release & Receive

Learn the crucial practices that will bring you through even the toughest of trials as you shift into each new chapter — mastering every plot change and twist in a way that deepens and elevates your life experience. And opening up to your own unique, abundant and infinite value in the process.

Chapter 6: Voice & Visibility

Through the power of writing, speaking and/or publishing, you will become empowered — and empower others — with your own authentic truth, voice, visibility and storytelling.

And you will re-emerge as your own version of an authentic, impactful, “blissiplined” and above all self-defined Superwoman into the world… ready to voice your value, stand confident , and be bravely & inspiringly vulnerable… prepared to reach back to lift other women up with you through the power of your own success journey.

“Do what you wish.”

Inscription on AURYN: “The Neverending Story”, Michael Ende

Superwomen Speak

The Superwoman’s Journey was honestly life altering.

Before I started working with Sara I had no idea how utterly “small” I had been keeping myself in my life and business.

I had been suffering from multiple blocks in my business, extreme overwhelm, health and self-worth issues that had been affecting every area of life.

Right at the very beginning, she helped me to identify and remove a block I’ve been carrying around for 30 years.

She was extremely perceptive, kind and strong. She made me feel so comfortable as she helped me navigate through my emotions and thoughts. She helped me identify and change limiting beliefs, build new core beliefs and re-tell an empowering story of my own journey – all the while helping me understand the importance of self care and my self worth.

And now – not only has my life and health improved, but the back-to-back bookings have started. I recently even had a client buy a session and gift another!

Sara is nothing short of a brilliant, illuminating light.

Because of this amazing experience, I will ALWAYS sing Sara’s praise and can’t wait to take part in more of her programs.

Melody Rae

Portrait & Boudoir Photography, &

While I already had a successful coaching business, I couldn’t quite pin down WHO it was that I was serving (my heart knew, my head didn’t).

Sara looked into my story, my background, my experience and said: ‘It’s something to do with designing your soft place in a hard world…’

At first I thought, yeah, that’s nice but what does that look like as a business?

But let me tell you – it looks like helping super-sensitive entrepreneurs to let go of the past labelling (shy, self conscious, aloof, odd, anti-social) and THRIVE in business and life — so that they stop bumping up against old pain and get out there with their message in a way that feels safe to them.

Which is exactly what Sara said from the beginning – designing a soft place in a hard world.

Sara could see it instantly, and this focus and realization meant I could embrace my uplevelling, bring on the right business coach, and witness how my message reaches my most ideal clients in the most rewarding, fulfilling way.

Sara, you are a genius.”

Sophia Lennox

Author & Coach for Sensitive Creatives,

The Program Details

September 2017 – February 2018

  • 6-month group Sistermind for no more than 10 dedicated women
  • 1 x 3-hour group intensive kick-off
  • 5 x 2-hour group coaching sessions
  • Weekly Facebook Live Q&A & challenges
  • Weekly writing rituals & exercises
  • **Bonus** “Lifetime” Membership to private Facebook group for continued support, accountability and networking
  • **Bonus** savings on 1:1 session upgrades, events & programs
  • **Bonus** surprise gifts

“Helping one another is the religion of sisterhood.”

– Louisa May Alcott

Apply before June 15th

& get exclusive access to super early bird bonuses and savings


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