The Superwoman’s Sistermind

…is too darn Fempowering to be a mastermind.

It is a group success coaching experience
with Sara Bobkoff, special guest Danielle LaPorte,

— and a band of sisters ready to truly live
our heroine’s journeys,

The Sistermindgroup success coaching experience
gets us writing our stories into our narrative


values & vision
compassion & cleverness
voice & visibility
purpose & profit

to become
authentic, empowered, impactful, successful,

and very real


Who are the Superwomen in the Sistermind?

“Sister, open your heart, fling your hopes high,
and set your dreams aloft.

I am here to hold your hand.” 

— Maya Angelou

The Sistermind™ group success coaching experience
is for blossoming women leaders of change
who find themselves resisting speaking out their real desires
because of their textbook successes.

They are feeling the mismatch between who what their minds want to say
& they way they are presenting themselves to the world.

They are blocked by mansplainers, wage gaps, glass ceilings, the Juggle.

But also that lifestyle of perfection
that has become our false prophet.

Deep inside they just want
speak their minds
have real, profound impact
on the world
and lead rewarding lives

by just being who they are.

…and they no longer want to go this journey alone.

Women who desire…
to become voices of a new world narrative
as they are live their story.

So if you are:

* A solopreneur shifting into sovereignty
* A corporate butterfly on the verge of her monarch metamorphosis
* A small business bearing big impact
Ready to truly dedicate yourself to your heroine’s journey

…the Sistermind™ is perfect for you.

“Helping one another is the religion of sisterhood.”

– Louisa May Alcott

Once Upon a Sistermind™

The Journey

The Plot

In this 6-month guided group success coaching experience, we will mistress the mindset, processes, rituals and practical steps necessary for successfully living our Superwoman’s Journeys with authenticity, integrity, passion, compassion, and self-compassion.

We will embark on this beautiful experience together because we are here to share the journey — the destination is merely our magnet.

We will empower our own and each other’s voices through storytelling, writing, speaking, manifesting and even publishing — all while remaining committed and dedicated to the experiences and triumphs.

And we will witness miracles.

Chapter 1: Story

Dive into your present, past and ancestral narrative. Discover and confirm your gifts, purpose, calling and mission, identifying and releasing beliefs that just no longer serve you.

Chapter 2: Vision & Calling

Shift your narrative into a personal, magnetic vision that will give you clarity and inspiration, pull you forward, get you through even the toughest trials, and attract the things that magically bring you alignment, bliss and blessings.

Sistermind Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Intention & Activation

Set powerful intentions and activate your Superwoman’s Journey with sacred, magical writing rituals that will “Abracadabra” your desires into the world — bringing the most fulfilling chapters ever imagined (or perhaps never even imagined!).

Chapter 4: Strategy & Action

Trade overwhelm for confidence by turning your story, vision and intentions into practical, simple strategies to use as your roadmap to guide you.

Plot out the next 1, 3, 6 months — even 1 and 5 years ahead.

…While at the same time leaving room for spontaneity, changes and fine-tuning along the way.

Sistermind Chapter 5 Image

Chapter 5: Release & Receive

Learn the crucial practices that will bring you through even the toughest of trials as you shift into each new chapter — mastering every plot change and twist in a way that deepens and elevates your life experience.

Take on every roadblock with compassion, strength and gratitude, releasing your deepest fears and opening up to the messages and teachings the shift brings you.

…And then open up wide to recognising, embodying, asking for — and receiving — your innate, infinite and unconditional value.

Sistermind Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Voice & Visibility

Through the power of writing, speaking and/or publishing, you will become empowered — and empower others — with your own authentic voice, truth, visibility and storytelling.

You will re-emerge into the world as your own Protagonista, the self-defined, self-made Superwoman — ready to voice your value, make your impact and be bravely & inspiringly vulnerable…

And then you will reach back to lift other women up with you through the power of your own story.

“Do what you wish.”

Inscription on AURYN: “The Neverending Story”, Michael Ende

Superwomen Speak

Damn, Sara really
has a true gift for reading people
& pulling out what we didn’t even realise
what was inside of us.


Shay Klomp Bueters

Nutritional Health Coach, Contagiously Healthy

I am absolutely floored right now. Those on the fence about working with Sara, do it.

Sara has always been a power source for me and I loved when our paths because it always felt like home.

But little did I know she would change my life. Twice.

The first time, I reached out to her out of instinct. With her support, I went from crisis in my personal life to designing a healthy, independent and financially secure environment for me and my children.

The second time, was when she invited me to be part of the Sistermind™. I figured that it would be a great opportunity to find my voice again and reconnect with myself. I had no idea.

Once I started recognizing how I was sabotaging myself and clarifying what I wanted, I quit my job and went back to school with a real vision of my end goal.

Now I sit here with the luxurious problem of choice. I created a few scenarios of what I wanted and I am actually facing the opportunity to choose between both of them — down to proximity, natural environment and position.

If you would have told me 6 months ago that I would have manifested the blessing of choosing my two ideals, I would have never believed it. Yet that is what I am doing right now.

Ms Bobkoff has an amazing gift. If you are looking for your success story, please make the investment in yourself with her.

Sarah Polen

Coding Queen & Massage Therapist, Zen Moustache

The Journey was honestly life altering.

Before I started working with Sara I had no idea how utterly “small” I had been keeping myself in my life and business.

I had been suffering from multiple blocks in my business, extreme overwhelm, health and self-worth issues that had been affecting every area of life.

Right at the very beginning, she helped me to identify and remove a block I’ve been carrying around for 30 years.

She was extremely perceptive, kind and strong. She made me feel so comfortable as she helped me navigate through my emotions and thoughts. She helped me identify and change limiting beliefs, build new core beliefs and re-tell an empowering story of my own journey – all the while helping me understand the importance of self care and my self worth.

And now – not only has my life and health improved, but the back-to-back bookings have started. I recently even had a client buy a session and gift another!

Sara is nothing short of a brilliant, illuminating light.

Because of this amazing experience, I will ALWAYS sing Sara’s praise and can’t wait to take part in more of her programs.

Melody Rae

Portrait & Boudoir Photography, &

While I already had a successful coaching business, I couldn’t quite pin down WHO it was that I was serving (my heart knew, my head didn’t).

Sara looked into my story, my background, my experience and said: ‘It’s something to do with designing your soft place in a hard world…’

At first I thought, yeah, that’s nice but what does that look like as a business?

But let me tell you – it looks like helping super-sensitive entrepreneurs to let go of the past labelling (shy, self conscious, aloof, odd, anti-social) and THRIVE in business and life — so that they stop bumping up against old pain and get out there with their message in a way that feels safe to them.

Which is exactly what Sara said from the beginning – designing a soft place in a hard world.

Sara could see it instantly, and this focus and realization meant I could embrace my uplevelling, bring on the right business coach, and witness how my message reaches my most ideal clients in the most rewarding, fulfilling way.

Sara, you are a genius.”

Sophia Lennox

Author & Confidence Coach,

Get ready to receive…

The Sistermindis more than
a group success coaching experience — it is life changing.

Through the Sistermind™ experience, I will help you achieve your successes as you conquer the common sabotages women face,
so you can embrace your own capability to create your bliss, including:

✵ Turn overwhelm into magnetic clarity of vision — open up to choice as you take decisions from a place of decisive inspiration.

✵ Transform visibility blocks into a true confidence that allows you to be fierce and vulnerable on the platform best suited to you.

✵ Release the Alpha Male archetype in exchange for a powerfully authentic identity that harnesses your sensitivity, intuition, creativity and compassion as superpowers.

✵ Shift into full embodiment of your value, heal your money story and receive back for what you bring to the world
— in alignment with your core values.

✵ Realise your deepest goals and desires with the help of your own abilities, my guidance, the support of dedicated Sisters and of course the helping hands of the Universe.

The women I have worked with
have experienced amazing successes
across their lives, businesses and careers, including:

 One Sister transformed an age-old story of perfectionism, exhaustion, overwhelm and health issues into a surrendering to flow, serenity, release and peaceful focus — attracting more satisfaction in her life, finances and business with ease.

 One founder of a successful non-profit exchanged her struggling nurturer myth for an abundance & joy mindset — re-aligning her business model with her passions, desires, vision and value so she can feed her life dreams as a
woman, mother & up-and-coming leading voice of change.

 One Superwoman “Abracadabra-ed” a very real victim narrative into her success story, manifesting a healthy family life, empowering her into independence, and presenting her with an abundance of choice in a male-dominated industry ripe for her leadership.

Watching each other’s success stories unfold is the best part.

Warning: Alignment with your story and success vision is contagious.

Alignment with your success story means stepping into powerful visibility.

Busting through fraud syndrome, embodying her value and receiving back for all that she gives.

Powerful support as we create our successes together.

From the vision of a retreat to a sold out success.

Setting fearless boundaries in alignment with your own terms of success.

Setting fearless boundaries resulting in dream opportunities.

Asking for what you want and being prepared to get it = you become an official glass ceiling breaker & wage gap destroyer.

From burned out initiator of a successful non-profit to powerful voice, advocate & speaker working in her zone.

From burned out initiator of a successful non-profit to powerful voice, advocate & speaker working in her zone.

Taking ACTION and kicking trials to the curb.

Writing her success story against all obstacles.

The Program Details

Set your calendars up for the
Sistermind™ group success coaching program from

September 2017 – February 2018

…when no more than 10 Protagonistas in the making
will meet for 6 months through:

Get the magic flowing from the get-go with this 2.5-hour kick-off session.

You will already start to feel the shift.

It is that powerful.

Experience deep, insightful and inspiring
group coaching with 5 x monthly 2-hour virtual sessions.

Keep up the momentum, explore your insights
and get additional support with weekly Livestream
Q&As, challenges and inspiration
in the private Facebook Group.

Accelerate your success journey
and enjoy personal coaching
with optional 1:1 Story Alchemy sessions
at an inclusive savings
just for the Sisters.

All sessions will be virtual and take place, eg, on Skype, Zoom or Facebook Live unless otherwise stated.
All content and exercises will be provided digitally unless otherwise stated.

Gain a-ha clarity and profound insights
while activating your deepest desires
— with practical Little Big Mouth exercises
and my signature Little Big Mouth sacred writing rituals.

“It’s Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa,
make the ‘gar’ nice and long.”

— Hermione Granger, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”
by J.K. Rowling

Big Big Bonus:

The Sisterclasses

Join jaw-dropping guest speakers
in this INCLUSIVE, LIVE training series
just for the Sistermind.

All participants in the Sistermind group success coaching program
get to join some of the most inspiring, insightful and trailblazing women leaders
 for LIVE Sisterclass™ sessions that will raise your vibe and feed your success.

Guests include…

Danielle LaPorte

❤ ❤ ❤
Yes, you read that correctly.
I invoked the SAME magical & practical techniques I teach in the Sistermind™
to manifest this gorgeous muse of a woman
to come join us in an inclusive jam session
just for the Sisters.
❤ ❤ ❤

“A woman who is uniquely connecting the world together
with a spiritual energy that matters.”
Oprah on SuperSoul 100 leader Danielle LaPorte

You may recognize Danielle as the Author of The Fire Starters Sessions: A Guide to Creating Success On Your Own Terms, and The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals With Soul — the book that has been translated into 8 languages, evolved into a yearly day planner and journal system, a Top 10 iTunes app, and an international workshop program with licensed facilitators in 15 countries.

She just released her next book, White Hot Truth: Clarity for keeping it Real On Your Spiritual Path—From One Seeker to Another on May 15, 2017.

The Desire Map

And all the Sisters will be getting a FREE bonus copy of White Hot Truth too boot.

Millions of visitors go to every month for her daily #Truthbombs. It has been named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women” by Forbes, and called “the best place online for kickass spirituality.” Danielle’s multi-million dollar company is made up of nine women and one lucky guy, working virtually from five countries.

A powerful speaker and poet, a former business strategist and Washington, DC think-tank exec, Danielle has been called “equal parts poet and entrepreneurial badass…edgy, contrarian…loving and inspired” by Entrepreneur magazine.

Her charities of choice are VDay, a global movement to end violence against women and girls; and charity : water, which sets out to deliver safe drinking water to everyone in the world. Her favourite person is her 12-year-old son.

…and she will be all ours in this very special Sisterclass™.

“…that’s what students of life do—they sign up to learn”

Danielle LaPorte

Wait a sec! We’re not done yet!

Maru Iabichela

Expand your capacity to receive
with the Queen of Infinite Receiving



Maru Iabichela is an international speaker & transformational coach helping us tap into our expansion to infinitely receive, opening up to infinite blessings and unstoppable prosperity.

Refreshingly authentic, transparent, compassionate and unconventional, Maru has helped shift thousands of women — including me — into gratitude and abundance through her Infinite Receiving method.

Her ability to help others open up to receive developed out of her own story.

After running a pretty profitable coaching business, Maru suddenly found herself deeply out of alignment.

Facing the end of her relationship, single motherhood, and $0 in her bank account, she had an amazing come-to breakthrough, which taught her how to expand her capacity to receive.

The result? A free, dream home, unexpected reach and visibility, an aligned, 6-figure business, and even a new love. …And I witnessed it all happening because Maru is that authentic and transparent when it comes to her story.

Get ready to learn how you, too, are an infinite receiver, and there is no end to what your blessings will be today.

Gemma Went

Get simple, smart practices
strategies, tools & techniques
that carve a path straight to success


Gemma is more than a small business mentor & digital marketing strategist. She is “The Business Fairy Godmother”.

And I can vouch for this — she up-levelled my business after just one session together.

She is not only the perfect mix of coaching & consultancy — she is also the perfect mix of simple, practical strategy, warmth, and a touch of magic.

Gemma has a background in psychology and vast experience as a business owner and consultant with everyone from the BBC, BFU London Film Festival, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Universal, and some wonderfully diverse SME.

But above all, Gemma is born implementer — her consultancy ‘problem solving’ side pops out when you just need a solution. No wonder she has an award-winning business.

But Gemma knows what it means to write one’s own success story — she brought herself from single motherhood to a 6-figure business using her smarts, her integrity, and her ability to get creative.

From single mum to very successful mentor to small businesses, a partner to agencies and a consultant to brands, Gemma is a living example of simple, smart strategies that lead to success. 

Noomi Natan

Harnessing family constellations
to design successful leaders

Noomi is an executive coach with more than a decade’s experience of working with leaders and business owners in overcoming the blocks to performance. Her clients include organisations such as LEGO Education, NBCUniversal, Mondelez and Macmillan Cancer Services as well as up and coming businesses.

But Noomi is not your traditional executive coach. An expert in Family Constellations, Noomi has a powerful ability to delve into your upbringing, family dynamics and cultural & historical lineage to unlock any blocks that come from your heritage.

After years of personal development work, Noomi was feeling incredibly self aware, but was lacking the shift she desired — her inner world grew more conscious, but on the outside nothing had changed. Once she started doing Family Constellations work, she began to manifest the life she truly wanted.

Get ready to experience how do draw strength from your past – on a discovery that will uncover hidden gems  – and learn how to harness these to have profound impact on your life now… and in the future.

And more experts in the works…

Little Big Mouth is working her magic
and will be bringing you some more Fempressive leaders
on topics such as:

❤ Combine values with profits in a way that makes your heart sing.
❤ Harness your financial style and develop a healthy relationship with your abundance story.
❤ Mindset hacks that combine spiritual ritual with practical neuroscience.
❤ Attract big media attention to elevate your visibility and boost your prospects.

I have been reaching out to some of the most amazing women and can’t wait to tell you more!!

The Sisterclasses™ are a €2500 value
(but really, these are priceless)

Writer’s block taking your words?
This guided meditation has you covered.
My clients have experienced amazing flows of inspiration
after listening to this brilliant Little Big Mouth gift.

Accelerate your success
with personalised, 1:1 individual coaching.
Included in the Superwoman full commitment package,
or to purchase individually at a very special savings.

Save over €125 per session.

Your journey does not end after 6 months.
Enjoy a year of free support
in the Sistermind™ Facebook community.

This has been so invaluable for keeping on course
being supported through the unexpected
and celebrating successes.

Valued at €97 per month (€582 for 6 months).

Enjoy 1 year of access
to the Little Big Mouth library —
for all worksheets, tips, tools and exercises.

Dream up your dream business,
create your core marketing copy, finish your About page,
bring in your first clients, negotiate your salary and terms,
master your finances, and more.

Little Big Mouth content is valued between €97 – €497 each.

Don’t forget your bonus copy
of Danielle LaPorte’s “White Hot Truth”
an extra surprise gift to go with it.

Valued at €20.

Apply and commit to the Sistermindgroup success coaching experience
by July 21st and receive the following bonus gifts…

Summer Success Journal &
Illumination Meditation


Don’t wait until September
to embark on your journey — spend the summer
finding vision clarity & amplifying your success magnetism.

This potent daily guided meditation & success journal
will give you an amazing head start.

A €57 value.

1:1 Story Alignment Deep Dive &
1:1 Story Sessions

Accelerate your experience.

Apply and commit to the Sistermind™ before July 15th
and receive a bonus 1:1 Story Alignment deep dive with me
PLUS 1-2 extra 1:1 Story Sessions
depending on your investment choice.

Valued between €897 – €1597.

Invest in yourself & in each other

Commit by July 21st and enjoy significant savings and high-value bonuses
on both the split and full investment options.

Sister Plan

Split Investment with €1797** commitment
547 / x 7 months **
  • Program investment total: €5626**

  • (regularly €6597**)
  • Calculate your currency exchange rate estimate here.

  • + 1 x 2.5-hour kick-off group session

  • + 5 x monthly 2-hour group circle sessions

  • + Weekly Facebook Live Q&A & challenges

  • + Powerful Little Big Mouth writing rituals & exercises

  • +Optional 1:1 45-minute Story Alchemy session upgrades for €157 (a €100 savings)

  • + Bonus: “Sisterclasses” live virtual expert training series with DANIELLE LAPORTE and other guests.

  • + Bonus “White Hot truth” from Danielle LaPorte + surprise gift

  • + Bonus access to Little Big Mouth content library

  • + Bonus Writer’s Block-busting Meditation

  • + Bonus 1 year total of Facebook support

  • + Early Bird Bonus Summer Journal & Meditation

  • + Early Bird Split Investment Bonus: 1 x 1-hour 1:1 Story Alignment deep dive

  • Value: €897
  • + Early Bird Split Pay Bonus: 1 x 30 minute 1:1 session

  • Value: €197
  • Save €970 and enjoy over €5000 in bonuses

Apply today

21% VAT may be applied to all rates.
If you are a business, this amount may be deductible from your quarterly tax filing.
This program may also be deductible as a business or educational expense.
Please see your tax advisor for details.

Apply by July 21st

& get inclusive access to super early bird bonuses and savings


The Early Bird savings and bonuses will only be available
for those who have applied and confirmed their spot with their investment by July 15th.

There are 10 spots available in total for the Sistermind™ — and 2 have already been filled.

The Sistermind™ group success coaching program
is a true commitment and investment — in yourself and each other.
Investing in the program should not leave you in stress about paying bills,
but it should feel like enough of a stretch to keep you dedicated
to the program, your vision and above all our journeys.

I want to make sure you are prepared for this commitment and investment.
That is why membership into this group coaching program
is by acceptance only.

Please apply below so to see if you are the right fit.
I will be reaching out to you shortly to let you know if you are.

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FAQ’s & FYI’s

Who is the Sistermind™ group success coaching experience for?

The Sistermind™ group success coaching experience is for bright, compassionate, creative, women leaders in the making who have already experienced textbook success in their businesses, careers or lives, but…

  • They feel like they are out of alignment, are not being true to themselves or honoring their vision and their desires. And they may even have forgotten what those last ones are.
  • They are done with masculine business models, being mansplained, glass ceilings, wage gaps, and the juggle.
  • They are also done with the Alpha Male definition of success and yearn to design their own success story with soul, compassion, sustainability and abundance.
  • They are full-brained visionaries who enjoy both practical magic and magic realism.
  • They are avid readers and have a desire to write and speak. And they love a good story.
  • They also yearn to be part of a circle of sisters who are prepared support each other’s growth, hold each other accountable and celebrate each other’s successes. Adios to the back-stabbing bitch myth.

And, most importantly, they are fully ready and prepared to dedicate themselves, commit to their journeys, and invest in their success for the long haul.


Who is the Sistermind™ group success coaching experience not suitable for?

If you are any of the following, the Sistermind™ group success coaching experience may not be right for you:

  • You are a very private person and prefer not to open up in groups, even when they are filled with trustworthy, supportive women, or you crave a lot of individual focus. In that case, my 1:1 Success Coaching programs might be better suited for you.
  • You want to start your own business but do not have any idea what you want to do. In this case the Story Alignment Intensive might be the best option for you.
  • You just started your business and have hardly any clients and hardly any cash flow. In this case, I would recommend my Pay-What-Feels-Good “3 Weeks to Clients” pack.
  • You are struggling with real financial hardships, are concerned about putting food on the table, and/or are very much stuck in scarcity mindset. In that case, I would recommend joining my inspiring Facebook group, Get Enriched Quick, where we tackle our scarcity narratives and celebrate our wins. Also, I have a FREE 5-day “Change-the-Narrative” challenge that has been known to cause amazing shifts.
  • You are suffering from an illness such as heavy depression, manic depression/bi-polar disorder, or are suicidal and require support from a mental health practitioner. Firstly, I want to commend you for wanting to invest in your own well-being. We all deserve to place our own self care and desires first. Secondly, there is nothing to be ashamed of. However, this program is a group program that requires a good and equal balance of attention between the participants and their needs in order to have a healthy dynamic. Further, while I am a trained transformational coach, I am not a substitute for a psychiatrist, psychologist or (mental health) practitioner. It might be best for you to ask your health practitioner about a support group or private support catering specifically to your needs. <3
  • While the Sistermind™ group success coaching experience is designed to be fun & insightful, it is also requires your time, commitment, and focus. If you have already committed to other intensive group programs, courses, or coaching programs around this period, this may not for you right now — but please come back for the next round!
  • Lastly, this program is designed as a safe space for women to help each other reach their full potential. This is because we face very specific issues in our journeys living in a male-dominated world, doing business in a male-dominated environment, and trying to have fulfilling careers while we face challenges around the glass ceiling, gender wage gap, and sexism. If you are trans/woman-identifying but not CIS-gender, please join us. While I am considering trainings for men in the future, the program is not suitable for men.
  • Finally, if it is hard for you to add to a safe, compassionate space, if you are prone to gossip or if you are easily jealous and triggered into meanness by other’s successes, this is absolutely not the program for you.
When does the Sistermind™ group coaching program take place?

The Sistermind™ group coaching program is currently scheduled to take place between September 5th, 2017 – March 14th 2018, though these dates might shift a little. You will be informed about specific dates and times n the program once the program has filled up enough.

Group sessions will take place once a month virtually via Zoom around 9:30 PM / 21:00 CEST time (Amsterdam) on Tuesday evenings and will last about 2 hours, with the kick-off session lasting 2.5 hours. Check your timezone here.

Facebook Live/Be.Live stream Q&A and Challenges will usually take place around 12:30 PM CEST (Amsterdam) and last about 15-20 minutes once or twice a week. Check your timezone here.

Guest Sisterclass™ experts will hold their sessions around those times as well depending on their location.

Limited support during Dutch national and school holidays.
There will be reduced and limited support during Dutch national and school holidays. These dates include:

  • Oct 21st through 29th, 2017
  • December 23rd, 2017 through Jan 7th, 2018
  • February 24th through March 4th, 2018

What if I miss a session?
It is preferred that you attend all sessions in order to get the most out of this program, but sometimes things happen that we have no control over. Should you have an unavoidable issue attending a session or Livestream, all sessions, livestreams and Sisterclass™ guests will be recorded and can be viewed at a later date, usually within 24 hours.

Because of the intimate and group nature of the program, if you miss more than 1 or 2 of the live group sessions, it will have an impact on the health of the program. It may mean that we shift you out of the program and into a monthly 1:1 session plan instead or, in extreme situations, you may be removed entirely from the program..

What can I expect for results? Is there a guarantee? Will I be able to get a refund?

Intention of the program
The Sistermind™ group coaching experience is an educational program focussed on helping participants gain clarity about their own desires, focus on their vision of success, employ spiritual rituals and methods to help move the success along, and take practical steps to help create the success themselves.

Success factors
Success in this program will manifest in different ways for different participants and will depend on 4 factors:

  • Your commitment to doing the work. The program requires about 3-5 hours per week of dedicated time to attend the sessions & livestreams, complete the exercises and do the rituals. It also requires committing to personal actions to help move things along. You are expected to attend all group sessions and, if unavoidable, miss no more than one or two upon notice and agreement. And lastly, it requires a financial commitment to help inspire you, hold yourself accountable and motivate you to keep moving forward.
  • My desire to make this program work for you. I can guarantee that I have created this program with content and a structure specifically designed to help participants achieve their desires. — based on my learnings, experiences and training as a transformational coach and above all my own experiences using the system I have created myself.
  • The participants’ commitment to each other. All participants must commit to supporting each other by holding each other by showing up, encouraging each other, holding each other kindly accountable, and celebrating each other’s wins and achievements.
  •  The Universe. As you will learn in this program, the Universe does not always give you exactly what you think you want, but it does give you what you need. Sometimes our successes look different than what we had specifically envisioned. We will learn how to recognise when these are successes and embrace them.

When you commit to this program, you are committing to yourself and your own success.

Again, results and success in this program are a combination of many factors. But making space for each participant requires an investment of time and funds on my part and chances are, should you get a spot on the program, another person will have to wait for the next round. Lastly, by investing in this program you will gain access to my (digital) intellectual property, which is impossible to return.

If you feel that something in the program is not working out for you, you are asked to reach out to me so we can find a solution. It is my goal to make it work within the definition of the program terms and I will for sure reach out if I sense the same.

If for some reason you are no longer suited the group aspect, I may shift you to a 1:1 session model once per month at my discretion for the remainder of the program. I will not refund your investment for the reasons stated above.

Lastly, if you have neglected to attend more than two live group sessions, have broken or abused the terms & conditions, coaching agreement, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement or shared, sold, or re-purposed the intellectual property of this program, you may be removed from all access to the rest of the program at my discretion, possibly without warning depending on the infringement, and this will be without refund. In fact, you will be faced with fines and a hefty legal process at your own expense for the latter.

All participants will gain access to the legal agreements before committing, but you can review the general terms and legal here.

Ready to change your narrative?


Sign up for the LIVE 
"Change the Narrative" virtual coaching challenge
& start writing your success story. 

The pen to changing the world is in your hands,
starting now.

You are in! Keep your eyes out for a confirmation mail from: <--White list me and save me from your spam folder :) Get ready to Change the Narrative on Thursday, July 13th at 2:00 PM/14:00 CEST. More details here:

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