Don’t re-brand.

The Universe
will take care
of the rest.

Un-Brand™ with the Story Alignment Intensive

You are experiencing a huge uplevel in your business.
New insights, growth, knowledge, ideas.
You feel it is time for a re-brand.

And then the Shift hits the fan.

You don’t know where to start, you keep going around in circles.

You’ve come up with a gazillion new names, nothing fits.

Your head is swirling with undeveloped ideas.

And your hand hurts from the umpteenth attempt to write them down.

It’s the gazillionth time you’ve hit “undo”.

What was once inspiration
has become overwhelm and frustration.

Business might actually be going grandly.
The clients are there. The funds are coming in.

You career looks great on paper,
and you often think “What should I be complaining?”

…But it just feels frustratingly out of alignment.

Maybe you’ve been “borrowing” too much from others.
The language. The soundbytes. The trends.
The steps. The models.

The goals.

You are suddenly not who you originally intended to be.
Nor where you thought you would be going.

And what you do just no longer lights you up.

You never planned on following the herd.

You wanted to follow your own path
and be valued for being you.


You are entering a beautiful chapter
in your own success journey.

The one where you powerfully embody
who you are & what you give
to the world.

You are ready to Un-Brand™.

And bring your story into alignment.

To honor your dreams. Your vision. Your values. Your purpose. Your gifts.

And fiercely serve those you were built to serve,
lead those who you were made to lead,
with the tools you have gathered from your own, beautiful story.

It is time to tell your big, bold, beautiful, unique story
to the world.

Story Alignment is not 'Branding'. It is 'Connecting' - through the alchemy of storytelling. Click To Tweet

Unbrand with

I am Sara Bobkoff.
Story Alchemist & Success Story Coach.

That means I have a natural gift for seeing
the patterns, symbols and storylines
written on your skin.

And the honed skills of a trained transformational coach
to help you see them, too.

No, that may not be the most search-term friendly way to call myself.

But it speaks powerfully to those I am meant to serve —
because it is 100% aligned with who I am.

A storyteller. A story alchemist. A success coach.

The Child of a Writer & Professor of Theater.
The Daughter of a Poet, Therapist & Coach.

The Grandchild of a multilingual businesswoman
who translated tragedy into a beautiful success story,
and a brilliant street-boy who salvaged discards
and unearthed their antique treasures.

I channel my story lineage, gifts, skills and vision
so my clients can align their own.

I thrive by holding the space
for you to powerfully become to yourself.

And I am living to bring your story into alignment.


Story alignment is powerful stuff…

Just a few of the things my clients have experienced include:

❤ A sudden rush of energy where a truckload of shift gets done with ease.
❤ Clarity about services and offerings.
❤ A profound belief in their value, reflected in their (increased) rates and how they ask for them.
❤ A desire to become more visible – and the releasing of visibility blocks.
❤ People who once dishonored your boundaries suddenly removing themselves all together.
❤ Not one but TWO perfect job opportunities to choose form.
❤ Inspiration for blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, vlogs and Livestreams, and podcasts.
❤ Invitations to become guest bloggers, to be interviewed on podcasts, to co-host webinars and events, and/or to be guest speakers.
❤ A remarkable boost in list size, FB page likes, FB groups members, and website traffic.
❤ A surge of sign ons – from ideal clients who are enthusiastic, committed and ready to invest in you.
❤ Out of the blue, unexpected financial blessings – such as clients signing on before a launch, first commitment to a long-term offering or first purchase of a VIP/luxury product, late client payments suddenly being paid, and other welcome surprises.
 Grants and subsidies, investors, and prestigious awards.

And above all…

A sense of purpose, confidence, excitement, ease, harmony and trust in the future that empowers your business, career AND life.

Just ask these protagonistas…

For six months, I had been wrestling with upgrading my message to move away from the tactics of business to the the mindset of life and business.

As I’d been creating this new reality, I became aware of why I wanted/needed to be able to pinpoint my uniqueness in a way that truly felt like me.

As I sought out a rebranding coach, Sara and her Story Alignment intensive popped up and wow! What a session.

It was raw, emotional, specific and affirming. As I shared the stories that made me me, she was able to pick out all of the skills, talents and techniques that I have been developing and have been passed onto me over a lifetime.

I left the session feeling very emotional. Through our work we were able to pinpoint and define my process, articulating where my why’s have originated from — which was truly beautiful.

I also redefined my ideal client.

The next day, I sold to two ideal clients… one of whom booked sessions with me on the day and then the other was a lady I just felt called to offer a chat too. Both of these women — even down to the words they used to describe themselves — were my ideal clients.

A coincidence? I think not.


If you are looking to define, confirm and communicate your unique purpose, Sara is the woman for you. 💕✨🦄

Suzy Ashworth
Mindshift & Messaging Mentor, Hay House Author,

Linda Bot Marie Claire Starters Award Winner un-branded and aligned her story with
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Testimonial: Linda Bot of and winner Marie Claire Starters Award from Sara Bobkoff on Vimeo.

Annika Suome Frey of un-branded and aligned her story with
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Shay Klomp-Beuters un-branded and aligned her story with
Alsion Kleintert un-branded and aligned her story with

The Story Alignment Un-Brand™
1:1 Intensive

Are you ready to Un-Brand™?

To invoke the power of Story Alignment?

Are you ready to co-create the next chapter of your success story
with the Universe?

I sure am.

Using powerful coaching techniques, playful and insightful exercises, and my talent for words, messages and story, together we will:

  • Exchange being a “Brand” for the beauty of revealing your natural, powerful story, which has been written on your skin.
  • Dive into your present, past and ancestral story to give your gifts, purpose, values and mission context, confirmation and clarity.
  • Remove sabotages that are clouding your view and discover an inspiring vision of where you desire to be — then set the intention to go there.
  • Understand who you are destined to serve, how and why — so you can powerfully reach the right people with a message that speaks right to their hearts and minds.
  • Unearth a natural, inspiring, mobilizing and magnetising core story that will easily inspire fluid messaging, content creation, visibility, and success.And of course…
  • Open up to amazing and unexpected deliveries, directly from the Universe, that just seem to fall into beautifully into place.


Are you ready to co-create the next chapter of your success story?

I sure am.

Program details

The Un-Brand Story Alignment program has two options.

Story Alignment Un-Brand™

1:1 Deep Dive
867 (+VAT if applies)
  • This 1:1 Story Alignment program is for those looking for ultimate clarity & purpose in their business or career, for example:
  • ☆ A powerful definition for your business direction, name, tagline and/or core story.
  • ☆ Better understanding of ideal clients and how to reach them.
  • ☆ Re-design of services and/or product offerings.
  • ☆ Confidence and inspiration about their own vision gifts, talents and purpose — and he next steps to take to go out and sek and receive.
  • The Deep Dive comes with:
  • ☆ 1 x 2-hour Skype or Zoom laser session
  • ☆ 1 x hand-picked laser exercise (digital, normally PDF) from the Little Big Mouth resource library.
  • ☆ 1 week of email support during business days and hours (1 email per day, with 24 business hour response time)
  • ☆ 1 electronic/e-mail revision round (up to one A4).
Apply now

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Only 3 spots available until September 2017!

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