your own


‘You are the storyteller of your own life,
and you can create your own legend, or not.’

 — Isabel Allende

Compassionate. Clever. Creative. Visionary.

You were never meant to be
the heroine of an
untold success story.

Virginia Woolf called it
when she pointed out that
has always been a woman.

It is time you stop
stuffing your voluptuous brain
into size 2 business models
– and start reshaping our economy.

So grab a new pen.

The world needs
your signature.

Your legend is written in your name.
Your DNA is the ink.
And you are the oracle.

Turn that scarf into a cape, woman.

And embark on your Superwoman’s Journey.

Our Universe depends on it.

The Programs

Write Your Success Story

Get back into alignment
with this deep-dive journey
into your personal,
ancestral & future narrative.

 Give clear, inspiring direction to your life and business or career
 Discover the purpose and mission written in your DNA
 Activate an unquestionable belief in your unique gifts
 Radiate your unequivocal value
 Manifest success with powerful writing and action-taking

The Superwoman’s Sistermind
Success Manifesting Circle

A powerful sisterhood
that raises each other’s vibration,
elevates our value & lifts each other
to our own defined success.

 Define your own vision of success.
 Release and reframe the fears and sabotages that get in your way.
 Inspire trust, surrender & gratitude with sacred writing rituals.
 Support each other was we take action and move forward. 
 Celebrate and be inspired by each other’s wins.

Your Superwoman’s Journey
1:1 Coaching Program

Embody the protagonista
written into your DNA.
Step into feminine leadership.
And re-write your success narrative.

 Dive deeply into your present, past and ancestral story & uncover the protagonista written on your skin.
 Design vision of the future – and map your plan of action to make it your reality.
 Discover your infinite strength as you expand bravely into more visibility.
Command your unique value – while inspiring others to raise theirs.


Superwomen speak.


The Superwoman’s Journey was honestly life altering.

Before I started working with Sara I had no idea how utterly “small” I had been keeping myself in my life and business.

I had been suffering from multiple blocks in my business, extreme overwhelm, health and self-worth issues that had been affecting every area of life.

Right at the very beginning, she helped me to identify and remove a block I’ve been carrying around for 30 years.

She was extremely perceptive, kind and strong. She made me feel so comfortable as she helped me navigate through my emotions and thoughts. She helped me identify and change limiting beliefs, build new core beliefs and re-tell an empowering story of my own journey – all the while helping me understand the importance of self care and my self worth.

And now – not only has my life and health improved, but the back-to-back bookings have started. I recently even had a client buy a session and gift another!

Sara is nothing short of a brilliant, illuminating light.

Because of this amazing experience, I will ALWAYS sing Sara’s praise and can’t wait to take part in more of her programs.

Melody Rae

Portrait & Boudoir Photography, www.MelodyRae.com & www.TheVixenEffect.com

While I already had a successful coaching business, I couldn’t quite pin down WHO it was that I was serving (my heart knew, my head didn’t).

Sara looked into my story, my background, my experience and said: ‘It’s something to do with designing your soft place in a hard world…’

At first I thought, yeah, that’s nice but what does that look like as a business?

But let me tell you – it looks like helping super-sensitive entrepreneurs to let go of the past labelling (shy, self conscious, aloof, odd, anti-social) and THRIVE in business and life — so that they stop bumping up against old pain and get out there with their message in a way that feels safe to them.

Which is exactly what Sara said from the beginning – designing a soft place in a hard world.

Sara could see it instantly, and this focus and realization meant I could embrace my uplevelling, bring on the right business coach, and witness how my message reaches my most ideal clients in the most rewarding, fulfilling way.

Sara, you are a genius.”

Sophia Lennox

Author & Coach for Sensitive Creatives, www.SophiaLennox.com

“Before I started working with Sara my business was pretty much non-existent.

I had some great ideas, but did not know where to start. (Despite attending numerous programs, webinars, doing challenges etc…)

Working with Sara provided the focus I needed.

Sara is all about voice and message.

Like her, I have this corporate background  – and it was impacting everything I was trying to write.

Including my “mission statement”. She made it very clear from the beginning that I was not writing a mission “statement” – I was writing my About and putting it in everything I do.

With Sara, you are able to change your perspective and make an impact with your words in just a few seconds.

A unique insight that I will treasure for life is learning that is okay to feel overwhelmed. It’s part of the process, it’s part of my journey. It was something she even congratulated me for because it meant I was shifting into a new level.

She took me from stress level 8 to 0 in just a few seconds.

“Action over perfection” has now become my new mantra.

Thanks to her, my business is here and it is not going anywhere. I not only have a sales page, a newsletter, an opt-in, a “Tribe”, I hold regular workshops and have wonderful clients.

Sara has taught me that using my voice is a necessity for becoming part of a fiercely feminine economy.

Joan Tol

Empowermentor™, www.JoanTol.com

You are ready for your Superwoman’s Journey…

When your mind is still in a suit.




…But your soul has other ideas.

Ready to change your narrative?


Sign up for the 
"Change the Narrative"
virtual challenge. 

Start with a guided activation
& begin writing your success story. 

The pen to changing the world
is in your hands,
starting now.

You are in! Keep your eyes out for a confirmation mail from: sara@littlebigmouth.net <--White list me and save me from your spam folder :) Get ready to Change the Narrative on Thursday, July 13th at 2:00 PM/14:00 CEST. More details here: littlebigmouth.net/change-narrative-LIVE/

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