Write yourself
into your
business story.



Your words
will inspire
a masterpiece.



The Message Muse Mentorship.


Your success story is inside you, lady.
But something is stopping you from hitting “publish”.


Because you know that if you put them out there,
other people will find them.


And they might laugh.
Or reject.
Or use them against you.

Or tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

But, amazing woman, those words are yours.
They are you, reflected into the world.

And there are a lot of people out there
who would be pretty darn inspired
by those words.

By you.

See, this is not only about
writing your copy,
filling up your website,
growing your list
and getting more clients.

I mean, sure, technically, that is what winds up happening
in the Message Muse Mentorship.

But really?

This is about something bigger.

It is about becoming your own personal muse. 

Getting your About on.

And turning it into your ever-loving business model.

We basically Abracadabra* the heck
out of your dreams.

And then shift happens.
Shift gets done.

We put those words out there
like they’re nobody’s business but your own.

Because they are your own.
And it is your business.

We turn you into a muse of the Universe
…and write your message into the stars.

*Abracadabra, by the way, is a Hebrew word meaning: I create what I speak.
Yeah. Exactly.

And this is how we’re going to do it.

What’s in the Message Muse?

The 90-Day Message Muse Mentorship business mentoring program is specifically designed to help clever, compassionate, driven women like you create rewarding businesses, while addressing the specific areas women face in the process of stepping into business leadership.

During the program, we will:

  • Define your business vision and goals in alignment with your own authentic values, vision, mission and unique gifts.
  • Take specific actions to work towards achieving your business vision.
  • Identify the clients you get the most inspiration and energy from – and figure out how to best serve them.
  • Craft and communicate a unique message that reflects your natural energy, in a way that compels your “Tribe”.
  • Get through typical fears, limiting beliefs and sabotages women entrepreneurs face in the process, such as issues around visibility, vulnerability, voice, value, perfectionism, and life/work harmony.
  • Operate, communicate and drive sales at your value – with integrity, confidence and effectiveness.

Monthly Program Content


1 x 120 minute intensive Skype kick-off session to identify your vision, goals and challenges and gain insights into your pan of action.

Weekly 45-60 minute Skype coaching sessions for more insights, accountability, clarity and support in moving forward. You are invited to record the sessions and you will receive basic notes from our sessions covering the key areas.

Practical and weekly exercises to help define your goals, establish your plan of action, craft your message, clarify your ideal client, produce an effective online home, create your (online) marketing strategy, design your core offering and conduct aligned sales communications and strategies.

Daily E-mail support during business hours.

✭ Membership in Private Facebook Group – for support, accountability, networking and inspiration.

The 30-day is an excellent way for sprouting solopreneurs (from 3 months) who are looking to focus, refocus or upgrade the core of their online messages to communicate authentically and effectively – and draw in those people who perfectly match what you have to offer the world.

  • We start with your About – drawing on your unique story to align your business, message and purpose as something your ideal clients will identify with.
  • Unearth your natural, authentic voice by getting clear on how to define it, on your values, your vision & mission and your bold brand statement.
  • Clearly envision your ideal client down to the details – the one you can really enrich, who naturally is drawn to your About. And then connect to the broad tribe out there who identifies with you.
  • Hone your unique messages – in a language that speaks from your truth directly to your ideal client’s emotional and practical needs.
  • Fill your website with purposeful, effective content: One consistent, compelling and powerful main message, a unique and powerful Homepage, your own signature About page, a compelling Sales page(s) and further inspiration and blueprints for your blog and social media posts.

The first 30-days of this program includes:

  • 2-hour, 1:1 Skype intensive.
  • 3 x 45 minute Skype mentoring
  • SPECIAL BONUS: The powerful, highly effective, Little Big Mouth Writer’s Flow meditation to help you break through your writer’s blocks, open your throat chakra and JUST WRITE when writer’s blocks, procrastination or limiting beliefs have set in. Even I use this one when I feel stuck. This stuff WORKS.
  • BONUS: Weekly inspiring materials and laser exercises.
  • BONUS: “Unlimited” email support including 1 weekly, personalized revision round from yours truly.
  • BONUS: Access to core Little Big Mouth content library, including video trainings.
  • BONUS: Lifetime membership to private Facebook group for accountability, support and networking with other inspiring solopreneurs, special promotions and spontaneous, free virtual trainings and Q&A.

The next 30 days takes your business to the next level – collect a soulful, loyal community around the heart of your business, with your own style of communication, dialogue and flow. 

  • Reach out to collect your ideal client tribe and nurture your “list” through the channels that best suit you – such as blog posts, social media groups, emails/newsletters,Periscope, webinars, or live workshops.
  • Be prepared to receive them virtually, technically and mentally – with coaching support to get you through your visibility blocks and fears.
  • Define the systems and structures that best support your unique rhythm, pace and writer’s inspiration.
  • Design an editorial calendar around your natural work and life flow.
  • Get out of overwhelm as you learn to take inspired action over procrastination through perfectionism.

This program includes:

  • 1.5-hour, 1:1 Skype intensive.
  • 3 x 45 minute Skype mentoring
  • SPECIAL BONUS: The powerful, highly effective, Little Big Mouth Visibility Mediation,  to get you through your fears around getting out there.
  • BONUS: Weekly inspiring materials and laser exercises.
  • BONUS: “Unlimited” email support including 1 weekly, personalized revision round from yours truly.
  • BONUS: Access to advanced Little Big Mouth content library, including video trainings.
  • BONUS: Lifetime membership to private Facebook group for accountability, support and networking with other inspiring solopreneurs, special promotions and spontaneous, free virtual trainings and Q&A.


This advanced 30-day 1:1 will allow you to fully evoke the Law of Attraction – with sales pages, sales funnels, strategic campaigns AND sales conversations that are compassionate, honor your values, yet are still effective for increasing your reach, boosting your opt-ins and ultimately enjoying more clients.

  • Get through the blocks, limiting beliefs and upper limits that are keeping you from asking for and receiving your true value.
  • Laser your program packages, services or product pages and landing pages to communicate the full value of what you have to offer – directly addressing the exact emotional and practical needs of your ideal clients.
  • Embrace and communicate this value genuinely, authentically and effectively with sales funnels created around dialogue, connection and consistency.
  • Develop natural online marketing campaigns – reaching out to the ones WANT to invest in your business and offering consistent value for your campaign investment.
  • Turn your sales into an beautiful exchange.

This program includes:

  • 1.5-hour, 1:1 Skype intensive.
  • 3 x 45 minute Skype mentoring
  • SPECIAL BONUS: The powerful, highly effective, Little Big Mouth Value Mediation for when those ancient blocks and limiting beliefs start getting you choked up when you find people want your services or products.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Complete Facebook Ad video training and workbook.
  • BONUS: Weekly inspiring materials and laser exercises.
  • BONUS: “Unlimited” email support including 1 weekly, personalized revision round from yours truly.
  • BONUS: Access to a full Little Big Mouth Message Muse content library, including all video trainings.
  • BONUS: Lifetime membership to private Facebook group for accountability, support and networking with other inspiring solopreneurs, special promotions and spontaneous, free virtual trainings and Q&A.



From my very first call with Sara, I experienced so many eye openers about my business, myself, my message, and my clients.

The same evening that we launched my first storytelling campaign, I received 4 photo shoot inquiries. My web traffic has since seen a consistent boost. Best of all, these are all my ideal clients.

I was so thrilled, I decided to work with Sara again. This time, we focussed on soulfully communicating my value in my sales pages and conversations. We ran my next campaign and my sales exceeded my ROI.

Working with Sara is one great, big AHA moment. It has brought so much joy and pride into what I do.

My business has transformed from a photo factory into a storytelling service, inspiring and adding meaning to the lives of the mothers and families who hire me.

Rubianca Han Simmelsgaard

Documentary Family Photographer, www.Rubianca.com

Before working with Sara I felt stuck.

I was about to launch my business as an Ayurvedic coach. In my head I knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted to sound. However, when I sat down to write, I just could not get my message across the way I envisioned it.

And my “about me” page gave me some kind of anxiety!

Sara not only is a fabulous muse and mentor, but also a wonderful coach. I felt instantly connected with her – and during our sessions together, I was easily able to connect to my message.

I am so proud of what we created together. It was the foundation I needed to start my business off from a deeply connected place.

My business has grown out of my unique story – which is about embracing authentic femininity in a natural, harmonious, powerful way.

By working with Sara, I was able to communicate my message through that story.

I did not just launch a website. I launched an clear, personal, compelling, inviting space for a business that has been born from my heart and purpose.”

Alison Powers

Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, www.DarlingAlchemy.com




90 days
of getting into full alignment and growth
so you can muse that message into the universe
means a commitment
to yourself.

One that begins at

€1979 (excl VAT)

For the 6 week program


€4198.80 (excl VAT)

for the 3-month program.
Payment plans are available.

But this investment is serious.

It means you are committed
to taking yourself and your business seriously.

Because I am committed to your success.

It means you are prepared to do the work,
push yourself out of your comfort zone,
take action,
stop holding yourself back,
and reach your goals.

Because I am committed to holding that space for you.

So if you are a decision-making, action-taking woman
who is ready to create your vision,
align with your truth and step out as a lady boss…

If you are ready to face your fears
and open up to the muse…

If you feel her right there
in the gut
and she is saying
“This. Yeah. This is calling my name.’

Then answer her.

Ask me.

Who is this program for?

Soulful solopreneur, this program is for you if you are looking to align your unique, authentic messages with your own tribe of clients by communicating with integrity, authenticity and laser focus.

If you are in the early stages of your businesses this is an effective way to build the foundation for enjoying consistent growth.

If you have been around a little longer this program is all about uplevelling to asking for what you want and receiving what you ask for.

The Message Muse is not for those who are still trying to figure out what kind of business they want to start.

Blockbuster sessions, Brainstorm sessions and VIP days.
As a trained coach, I am happy to offer you various laser sessions to help you gain clarity.

If you prefer a full program to get you started I can refer you to several other programs or people can help you in the idea phase.

I also offer a 3-week StorySelling intensive and 6-month deep story transformation program.


Can I book only one month of the program?

Little Big Mouth can serve you no matter where you are in your journey.

The 90-day is the most effect way to get from A to Z when it comes to starting from your most authentic and powerful message, building your tribe of ideal clients and making more sales that reflect the value of what you offer.

However, if you are not ready to commit to the 90-day, I do offer a 6-week version of the program, which hones in on one specific month.

The 6-week includes:

  • 2 extra weeks of  email support during implementation week.
  • A 45-minute follow-up Skype call to review and refine results or tackle new blocks that may come up.
  • BONUS A: Step-by-step action plan for effectively bringing on more clients through live workshops without worrying about technology, the size of your lists or even a finished website – so you can start feeling like the business you are.OR
  • BONUS B: Step-by-step sales funnel that goes from Webinar to sales for those who prefer to harness the technology.

Sign up for a free call to discuss if this is right for you.

Can I book more than 3 months?


What do you think? 🙂

Sign up for a free call to discuss if this is right for you.

Is this program just for women?

This program is designed for solopreneurs who believe in a feminine economy – one driven by authenticity, collaboration, sustainability, drive, harmony and the greater goal of universal prosperity.

This is also a program for those who see value in allowing women to be a needed and driving force in a new economy.

We will be focussing on some typical blocks that many women face – such as visibility, value and above all getting through limiting beliefs about the power and value of your own voice and messages.

Men who identify with this philosophy and experience the same struggles are absolutely welcome!

Is there a guarantee with this program?

My promise to you is that I have designed a program to get you communicating as your most authentic and compelling self, align with the right clients and grow your business consistently.

My guarantee is that I am truly invested in your success.

And I provide the best support I can in order to help you achieve this.

However, I do not offer refunds and this is why.

The results of this program depend one part on me, one part on you, and one part on the Universe.

I can not promise one single result. Results will be different for each participant because of many factors – but I truly believe that you will get the results you need as long as you put in the work and that your business will grow and blossom from it.

I have put and will continue to put a lot of time and energy into this program – which was inspired by my personal process as a copywriter, brand developer, business owner and trained transformational coach – as well as what I have learned in my 20 years as a communications professional for big brands, from my 1:1 clients, and my own investments in support as a solopreneur.

I refuse to claim that you will get a gazillion clients or earn 10k in 10 days – that goes against my own values of authenticity, respect, integrity and building an aligned business.

But this program was designed to help you and your business grow from communicating in alignment with the core of who you, to sincerely reach and enrich the lives of your ideal clients.

In short, my goal for you is to fiercely evoke the Law of Attraction.

When you do, I am convinced that the quality and quantity of clients you attract will be reflected clearly in the growth of your business.



What is the investment and is it right for me?

 This is an excellent question and one you absolutely should be asking yourself.

This 1:1 mentoring program delivers the personalised insight, accountability and above all INSPIRED ACTION that you need to bring your business to a level aligned with who you are and those clients who will benefit most from you.

It is not a cheap, quick fix. It involves time and dedication investment from both of us.

The benefit of mentoring over an online course or outsourcing is not only the information and insights you receive and the personalised results of your work.

It is also the combination of having someone dedicated to holding the space for your success AND keeping you accountable to keep taking inspired action.

The work – and the rewards – prove extremely inspiring, energizing and rewarding.

The 1:1 Message Mentoring program requires 45 minutes-2 hours a week of 1:1 laser calls and about a half hour to an hour a day of exercises and further action taking to move you forward.

For 1H 2016, the investment for this program begins at c. €4198.80 (incl VAT if applicable) for action takers who are fully ready right now to team up for 90 days and create powerful and consistent alignment. There is a payment plan available, and I am happy to discuss this with you in a free call.

Investing in this program should feel like a gift to yourself and your business. It should be enough of a stretch to help you keep dedicated, determined and accountable.

In my experience, aligning your message with your authentic voice and purpose as well as your ideal clients is the most effective and sustainable way to grow your business and feel wonderful in the process.

My clients have always experienced results pretty quickly – attracting more ideal, loyal and enthusiastic clients and customers with more ease. And many of them enjoy seeing their investment come back to them pretty quickly as well.

But the personal and professional achievements they have witnessed are just as valuable (if not more!).

This includes:

* More energy, drive and confidence from aligning their core voice, vision and values with their business message.

* The ultimate goal of witnessing how they attract the clients they enjoy helping the most and who appreciate them just as much.

*Longer term, continual pay off as they have learned to implement the skills and strategies over and over again.

That said, signing up for this or any program should NEVER put you into a debt that you will suffer and stress about.

If you already have an overwhelmingly high amount of debt or financial responsibility from your life  – or from investing in other programs for your business – please do not sign up for this program if you feel it will make things worse. The last thing I want is for you to be stressing and in panic.

I also offer laser sessions for those who are not ready to invest in the full program.

Areas we can cover include lasering in on a key area of your message or website, immediate strategies for quickly bringing on more clients or customers and raising more funds, getting through writer’s blocks, powerfully envisioning your ideal clients, tackling limiting beliefs that are stopping you from being visible, and getting comfortable with communicating your value on and off line. I also offer low-cost workshops and free webinars.

This is a highly fun and rewarding program that will move your business forward.

Your investment should help you feel dedicated and committed to this program and determined to take action.

If that rings with you, you are very much welcome!

Have more questions? Drop me a line, I will be happy to answer them.


Inspired? There are only 2 spots available MAXIMUM every month for this program. Reach out today and see if you should be in one of them.


Rates for the 90 day program begin at €4198.80 net
for fully committed action takers.

There is a monthly payment plan option.


Book a FREE Decision Session today.

Ready to change your narrative?


Sign up for the 
"Change the Narrative"
virtual challenge. 

Start with a guided activation
& begin writing your success story. 

The pen to changing the world
is in your hands,
starting now.

You are in! Keep your eyes out for a confirmation mail from: sara@littlebigmouth.net <--White list me and save me from your spam folder :) Get ready to Change the Narrative on Thursday, July 13th at 2:00 PM/14:00 CEST. More details here: littlebigmouth.net/change-narrative-LIVE/

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