In the Law of Attraction,
your natural voice
is a magnet.

Group coaching for Lady Bosses
ready to set things
in motion.

This Ain't Just Mama's Little Hobby

You started your business
because something in you was ignited.

Something you have to say.
Something you are ready to do differently.
Some way you want to change people’s lives.

…And something tells you that you worth so much more
than you have been getting.

So why are you still talking about your business
as if it is an apology?
Why are you still excusing yourself
out of taking action?

The unfinished website, the non-existing clients,
the under-charging.

The guilt for taking time for your business.
Or away from it.

Lady, this is not just Mama’s little hobby.

This is magnetic.

This is the start of your success story.

Charge Up Your Magnet

 You do not need to find your voice.

The Magnet Charger it is not a copywriting program.

The messages are just one powerful result
of the transformation and shifts.

The Magnet Charger is actually about
empowering you as a voice in a new, feminine economy.

The Magnet Charger is different.

The Magnet Charger is no ordinary group program.

I deliberately designed it with the sole purpose
of getting you to move your tuchas and GROW.

Because we work on not only the practical aspects
of setting up a rewarding, successful business.

I also take you through the sabotages, fears and blocks
that are stopping you from creating the business
you know you want.

I do not just throw a shipload
of downloadable content at you,
walk away, and tell you to go figure it out.

(And then let you get into self-blaming overwhelm
when you get stuck.)


I am there, LIVE
so you get the coaching you need to
to get you over the blocks
and get shift done.

I WANT you to get out of that cycle and succeed.

The Magnet Charger is personal

This group program does not just dump you with an overload of overwhelming videos, downloads and PDFs. 

You get LIVE weekly webcasts – rather than just recordings – and you have real access to me to answer your questions.

And membership is LIMITED to 6 – 10 participants at the most

You have the option of one or two 1:1 personal Skype coaching sessions at a special rate at any time during the program – and if you decide today to add on the 1:1 coaching sessions you get even more savings.

This, combined with live support in the Facebook group, means plenty of time for personal attention.

Little Big Testimonial.

“Sara totally embodies her belief that women entrepreneurs need to unapologetically use their own voices in their businesses.

That belief has inspired me and given me permission… I have altered my online messaging and now people are coming to me — drawn by my natural voice.

My natural voice resonates with others.”

Eva Visser-Plaza

Career Coach & Rebalancing Therapist, Eva Authentic Living

Let's get you resonating.

Week 1: Hello Voice

We’re gonna get down to your real About – bring it out of your hiding place so you can start writing like you speak, saying what you think, and realising your living, breathing words are more powerful than any “killer copy” could ever be.

This week alone will powerfully change how you see yourself and your business – get ready for shifts, insights, inspiration, motivation and a-ha’s.

Week 2: Storytelling

This week (pretty much my favourite week) is all about storytelling. And it is a POWERFUL week. Get ready for some serious shifts because of it.

Storytelling is an ancient art that heals, connects and inspires – both the teller and the listener.

We start with getting crystal clear on about the patterns in your own story – from your personal story to your ancestral story to your future story.

As well as the story behind the people you can best and fully serve.

You will feel an immense sense of your own purpose and value as you gain invaluable insights into why you are providing an invaluable service with your business.

Week 3: Tribe

This week is all about getting everything in place to start growing your tribe.

You will craft your unique, magnetic messaging – from your tagline to your homepage message to your core story.

And then you will design a full list-building strategy around that message, including the content and blueprint for attracting your Tribe and converting them into clients.

Week 4: Get in Online Gear

This week is all about making sure you never again use your “unfinished” website or “lack of a logo” to move forward.  And above all, technology should never stop you from running a real business.

These are sabotages we are going to knock out of the ball park.

You will learn the key and essential aspects you should have on website to build your tribe and convert them into clients – and the easiest, simplest ways to set them up. Whether you are starting from scratch or upgrading your site.

And learn how to set them up simply, with ease, so you can focus on bringing on clients.

Week 5: Re-charge, re-view & move forward

There is no doubt about it. This program is intense. And now is the perfect time to recharge.

You will be experiencing some serious shifts. You will be confronted with some serious blocks and limiting beliefs – and you will conquer them. You will be facing overwhelm head on. And you will need a moment to reflect, adjust and energize.

This is the week where you allow yourself to look back, to craft, to implement, and to catch up, move forward, implement and get support on the areas you are struggling with.

Week 6: Sales that Sing

You’ve come a loooooong way, baby. Time to celebrate and feed your vision of running a meaningful, purposeful and valuable business. This week is all about building up a loving, healthy relationship with your success story and opening up to receive back the high value you put into the world.

We are going to get real about creating the vision of the future your defined in week 1.

Time to re-focus your goals, remove any limiting beliefs or fears you have around them, and plan how you are going to take action to achieve them.

And you will do it without over-delivering, undercharging, setting yourself up for a burn out, or feeling guilty in any way for asking and receiving what you deserve.

We will tackle your sabotages when it comes to having a healthy relationship of the money side of your business – and give you a confident mindset about how you will turn your business into a rewarding one.

This week’s content is super important and includes:

  • 2-hour online live group coaching success activation (recorded for your convenience) where we focus on removing core value limiting beliefs and planning your success story.
  • Soulful sales pack – craft your sales dialogue and messaging with soul, authenticity, effectiveness – and in alignment with your values.
    Understand, embrace and embody your value – establish the rates you deserve and ask for them without the guilt.
    Communicate that value without discounting yourself AND without slimy slimeball phrases and tactics.
    Enjoy sales conversations that work while honoring your values, goals and your prospective clients.
  • Set clear goals as you move forward – and plan your action steps for reaching them.

Join us

Selected Program Content

  • Weekly, 2-hour online live group coaching + Q&A (recorded for your convenience)
  • Laser exercises to get insight into: your authentic voice, message, story, vision, ideal clients, service content, sales pages, lead generation, sales models and so much more. (Delivered in PDF format)
  • Key website development tips and support to get you focussing on what matters – and moving on.
  • Invaluable technology cheat sheets and exercises – design the basics of your visual brand language, create your site or landing page, empower yourself with online marketing, Facebook ads & Google analytics and set up. (Hint: your website will never be “done”.)
  • Effective transformational exercises to remove limiting beliefs, sabotages, and fears, empower yourself with clarity of vision, manifest abundance and evoke the law of attraction, and motivate and inspire yourself into taking action.
  • Weekly checklists to give you oversight and keep you moving forward.

An Abundance of Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: Serious Q&A and coaching support through private Facebook group (c. 1 hour per business day) for accountability, inspiration and insights – program lifetime access. Value: €600
  • Bonus 2: Writer’s Blockbuster Guided Visualisation MP3. Download & use this whenever you feel the evil threat of Writer’s Block taking over. It won’t have a chance. Value: €47
  • Bonus 3: Little Big Calendar to get you taking laser action without letting your business take over your life.
  • Bonus 4: Value Embodiment Guided Visualisation MP3. Get over yourself and step into why your value is unique, infinite, unconditional and needed in the world.
  • Bonus 5: Belief reframe exercise.  If you find yourself hitting up against limiting beliefs about your value, this belief reframe will turn them around. Value: €47
  • Bonus 6: 1-hour guest training (recorded), eg, with Maria-Ines Design Studio to tackle your technology phobias and see how setting up your website basics is not that hard. Value: €275
  • Bonus 7: 3 Weeks to Clients eCourse – A value-backed self-study program for building your list and getting more clients the easy way… without struggling with technology. Create a rinse & repeat low-cost workshop with this step by step pack that takes you from A-Z, INCLUDING getting over your fears of public speaking and sales thanks to a unique and powerful Little Big Mouth guided visualisation MP3. Value: €297
  • Bonus 8: Insider support. Special rates, savings and programs with some of Little Big Mouth;s favourite, most inspiring colleagues. Areas can include: website building, brand photos, manifesting practices & rituals, money & finance, organisation and more.
  • Surprise celebration bonus… 🙂

Optional Bonus add-ons

  • 45 minute 1:1 live coaching Skype calls
  • Personal copy edits from yours truly at a special investment savings.

Next program dates:

Weeks of August 29 through October 31st
Thursdays 10:00am – 12:00pm Amsterdam time (GMT +2)
Click here for your time zone

How will you invest in your Lady Boss self?

Magnet Plan

Early Bird rate ends August 12th
Early Bird €527 + 21% VAT
  • Regularly €627

  • Additional 21% VAT
  • Please contact me here
  • if your business is not euro zone based
  • before clicking the button below.
  • Estimate your exchange rate.

  • €627 SAVE €100

  • 6-week group mentoring program 

  • You will receive…

  • *6 week group program

  • *Powerful and practical weekly exercises

  • * Lifetime membership to private Facebook group

  • for support and accountability
  • *All bonus trainings, downloads,

  • guided visualisations, and access to additional offers
  • 2 x 45 minute 1:1 Skype mentoring sessions

  • for additional support and accountability
  • **Bonus 1 x Personal 

  • copy editing round
I want.

Rose Plan

Early Bird rate ends August 12th
Early Bird €677
  • Regularly €777

  • €677 + 21% VAT
  • Please contact me here
  • if your business is not euro zone based
  • before clicking the button below.
  • Estimate your exchange rate.

  • 6-week program

  • PLUS

  • 1 x 45 minute 1:1 coaching

  • You will receive…

  • *6 week group program

  • *Live, weekly group coaching

  • *Powerful and practical weekly exercises

  • *Lifetime membership to private Facebook group for support and accountability

  • *All bonus trainings, downloads, guided visualisations, and access to additional offers

  • ** 1 x 45 minute 1:1 Skype mentoring sessions for additional support and accountability

  • 2 x 45 minute 1:1 Skype mentoring sessions for additional support and accountability

  • **Bonus 1 x Personal copy editing round

You had me at Hello.

Little big extras.

I LOVE surprise bonuses – and have been known to include some great ones for my clients. You can expect the same with the next round of the Magnet Charger.

Past bonuses have included:

Bonus “Conquer Your Website” WordPress training Q&A

with Maria-Ines Fuenmayor
of Maria-Ines Design Studio


enjoy an exclusive savings on her
Conquer Your Website DIY program
– including bonus 1:1 support & In-Design PDF e-Course.

Magnetize Brand Shoot
Discover how just being you can be the most magnetic element in your branding. Get over being camera shy – enjoy a brand photos that do not look like a corporate headshot or someone you are not. This special package includes:

  • A one on one intake session to get to the core of who you are and turn it into your brand image
    and plan your session. (45 minutes)
  • A mini photo session in [location of your choice/home studio/etc)
  • One amazing magnetized image to help you attract the attention you deserve – by just being you
  • Additional photos at a 20% savings

Normally €580, for Magnet Chargers €300

Magnetic Brand Photos

Melody Rae of
Melody Rae Photography
The Vixen Effect
is offering TWO brilliant photo shoot packages
exclusively to Magnet Chargers.

Shoots based in the Amsterdam Region.
Offers valid for three months after joining the Magnet Charger program.

VIP Magnetic Brand Photos
You are ready to really step up and be visible, with some focused coaching and encouragement. And you are ready to show several sides to your beautiful self to your ideal clients.


  • A one on one intake session to get to the core of who you are and turn it into your brand image and plan your session. (45 minutes)
  • Special hair and make up provided by the Melody Rae team of specialists.
  • A photo session in (Dutch location of your choice/home studio/etc)
  • Three varied magnetized images to give more personality to your online and marketing presence.
  • Additional photos at 25% savings

Normally €840, for Magnet Chargers €550

Ask me.

Who is this program for?
This program is for you if you are a creative, compassionate solopreneur with a dream and drive to turn your charge up your fledgling business with the power to feed your soul AND take your business out of of “hobby mode”.  

And it is for you if you are ready to get over the blocks and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from communicating your gifts to the world from a place of truth.

It is for you if you have the desire to bring your business to a level that fulfils you AND your clients.

It is for If you already know what your business is, but you are looking to discover what makes yours unique – and let everyone else know it – then this program is a wonderful way to learn how to turn yourself into your greatest business asset when communicating with integrity, authenticity and focus.

Who is not right for this program?
This program is not for those who do not yet have a business or a good idea about your business.

It is not for you if you if you are already doing a million other courses.

While the group structure and live calls can help you keep a good pace, the program is not for you if you desire regular 1:1 mentoring to to hold yourself accountable to do the work and take action.

As a trained transformational coach, I am happy to offer you a session or series of sessions to help you gain clarity. If you are looking for a program in this area, I can refer you you to several people I know who can help you systemise your career choices.

I offer a 6-week and 90 day 1:1 program for those looking to go deeper and desire the live, 1:1 mentoring for personalised support and to help hold you accountable.

If also offer a 1:1 Storytelling intensive for those looking to take their business communication to the next level with story-based campaigns geared toward the lead-generation and list building you want to bring in better sales.

Lastly, I offer a 6-month transformation coaching and mentoring program for women with seasoned businesses who are looking to shed their blocks and limiting beliefs and write their own success stories, communicating as the leaders they feel called to become. Contact me for more information.

Is this program just for women?
This program is designed for solopreneurs who believe in a feminine economy – one driven by authenticity, collaboration, sustainability, drive, harmony and the greater goal of universal prosperity.

This is also a program for those who see value in allowing women to be a needed and driving force in a new economy.

We will be focussing on some typical blocks that many women face – such as letting go of perfectionism, not letting multitasking distract you from your focus, and above all getting through limiting beliefs about the power and value of your own voice and messages.

Men who identify with this philosophy and with the same struggles are absolutely welcome!

Is there a guarantee with this program?
I really believe in this program. It is the culmination of my own experience as a soulful solopreneur, what I have learned from investing in programs with some amazing thought leaders, and what I have learned from working with my 1:1 clients about the needs of the self-starter.

I believe that if you identify with me, my philosophy, style and are ready to address your core brand messaging needs through this program, you will get a truckload out of this program.

I also will be offering you access to key Little Big Mouth exercises and tutorials which are invaluable, exclusive, and non-refundable.

However, should you decide after 1 week of the program that it is not for you, and you show that you have done the work, I will refund you 75% of the program. The 25% is to cover the cost of the administration and materials.

You also will honor your agreement not to share, (re)distribute, copy or re-sell any materials or intellectual property from the program.

After the first week, no refunds will be offered.

Why? The results of this program depend one part on me, one part on you, and one part on the Universe.

The goal of this program is to get you to communicate as your truest, most compelling self. Results will be different for each participant because of many factors – but I truly believe that you will get the results you need as long as you put in the work.

I have put and will continue to put a lot of time and energy into this program, which was designed out of my own process and experience as well as what I have witnessed in my 20 years as a communications professional for big brands, from my 1:1 clients, and in the solopreneur sector in general.

I do not guarantee that you will get a gazillion clients or earn tens of thousands after this course.

My goal for you is that you do the work so you can evoke the Law of Attraction.

If you do, I am convinced that the quality of people you start to attract will align with who you are, your gifts, your values, your vision and your mission.

My promise to you is that I have designed a program I believe in and will provide the best support as explained in the program description to help you achieve this. And above all, I promise that my goal for you is that I WANT you to succeed.

What's the fine print?
All general Little Big Mouth Terms & Conditions apply to any LBM program.

When you sign on to the program, you will access specific SSMC Terms & Conditions during the transaction process.

Here is a summary of some of the crucial terms and conditions in regular language:

  1. All content and materials in this program – digital as well – belong to Little Big Mouth / Native Content & Communications. It is the culmination of everything in my heart and mind that I have been collecting and learning in all my years as well as my own creativity. That means you may not share it, copy it, re-sell it, distribute, re-purpose it, or anything else but use it to help grow and develop your own message and business. If you do, not only do you have serious voice and visibility blocks and limiting beliefs to work on, but you are devaluing another woman’s intellect and her business. And can expect a big legal headache at your own financial expense. How’s that for Little Big Mouth guilt for ya?
  1. During this program, communication between us takes place during the webcast through the question/chats option, within the Facebook Group, or through the dedicated support email: – with a 24 hour response time during business days and hours. That means no Facebook personal messages, Skype chats (unless it is during a Skype session with me that you have purchased), mobile text messaging and no multiple emails as you wait for a response. Repeatedly breaking this request – after a fair warning – will mean you will be removed from the program without a refund. Why? Because in order to serve you the best way I can, I and my team have to dedicate our time wisely so we don’t wipe out and become zombies glued to our screens as our children starve for attention and food and our eyes pop out of our heads. Plus, it is really in your best interest to figure out how to solve your dire issue – which is probably not as dire as you think – on your own by taking lasered action and move on and forward. It uplevels you as a lady boss, trust me.  That said, again, there is email access and the Facebook group for your questions because we do want to help you!
  1. This is a pilot program and the program content, dates and information are subject to change at LBM discretion and technology will get in the way. This will require patience from both sides – and things may not be solved entirely or solved to your satisfaction. You understand that the focus of this program is your messaging development above all and that the added value of the services, bonuses and technology are not crucial to your success.
  1. LBM is not responsible for any services provided by any partners offering bonus trainings or special rated packages to Magnet Charger participants.
  1. Sometimes things happen and you decide a program is not for you for many reasons. In this case, a refund will only be given at the end of the 1st program week – after proof that all work for that week has been completed – with no hard feelings and without bad-mouthing. That means I will not go around and complain about you for not jiving with the program, but it also means you will act like a lady boss you are and not revert to nasty high school bathroom bitching and moaning. 🙂The refund will then amount to 75% of your investment for the program. 25% will be kept to cover the program content you have already accessed, as well as the support and administration you will have already received. It goes without saying that you are not allowed to share, distribute, copy, or sell any of that content even after the refund. Little Big Mouth has the right to remove access to any content at any time before or after.
  2. Honor the boundaries and terms. They are there to make sure we have a good relationship as mentor/client and that I can serve you to my best ability and within the law and that we all behave. If you break any of the Terms & Conditions (and unless you are really being out of hand you will be warned first) and you will be immediately removed from and lose all access to the program without refund, there may just be some legal consequences, you will have to pay for them, and there may be some serious fines and fees.

Is this the right investment for me?
This is an excellent question and one you really need to ask yourself.

This program should feel like a gift to yourself and your business – and it should be enough of a stretch to help you keep dedicated, determined and accountable.

I have deliberately priced this program to cover not only my costs and expenses, but also the time, thought, experience and dedication I have put into it. And above all, it reflect the results I want and believe you can achieve out of it.

Many of my clients have earned back their investments within 1-3 months after completing the work – sometimes it takes longer. But the personal and professional achievements they achieve are just as valuable (if not more!).

This includes:

* More energy, drive and confidence form aligning their core vision and values with their business.

* The ultimate goal of witnessing how they attract the clients they enjoy serving and who appreciate them just as much.

*Longer term, continual pay off as they have learned to implement the skills and strategies over and over again.

That said, signing up for this or any program should never put you into a financial stress.

If you already have a high amount of debt or financial responsibility from your life  – or from investing in other programs for your business – please do not sign up for this program. The last thing I want is for anxiety about your investment to take over your ability to do the work and grow and believe in yourself.

I do offer 1:1 mentoring and coaching support for those who do not have the budget for this program – as well as free webinars for those who simply can not invest in their business yet for any reason.

You should feel invested and dedicated to this program and free to give it your everything. If that rings with you, you are very much welcome!

Have more questions? Drop me a line, I will be happy to answer them.

Will I get any 1:1 time with Sara?
You can get personal attention during the Q&A calls, through the private Facebook group and email access to me during the implementation week.

Participants will also receive a special savings on one or two 45 minute 1:1 Skype session(s) with me should they wish for more personal mentoring and coaching at a €50 and €100 savings.

However, if you purchase either options during the sign on process, you will receive a €100 or €200 savings on the 1:1 sessions.

Ready to change your narrative?


Sign up for the 
"Change the Narrative"
virtual challenge. 

Start with a guided activation
& begin writing your success story. 

The pen to changing the world
is in your hands,
starting now.

You are in! Keep your eyes out for a confirmation mail from: <--White list me and save me from your spam folder :) Get ready to Change the Narrative on Thursday, July 13th at 2:00 PM/14:00 CEST. More details here:

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